Ramadan 2020 Moon Sighting Date and Timing In India

Ramadan 2020 Moon

Every year, the holy month of Ramadan, which is the ninth month according to the Islamic calendar. During this time, people of the Muslim community observe fast or fasting. This intense Rosa, which begins at sunrise and ends at sunset, breaks with ‘Iftar,’ which occurs after sunset. Ramadan considered to be the time when people come close to Allah, and one of the main reasons for following it is to remember the sufferings of the deprived and less fortunate. Muslims also donate to the poor during the holy month of Ramadan.

Ramadan 2020 Moon Will Appear On April 24

According to a report by InNews, HM Nautical Almanac Office has said that according to the calculation, the new moon will be visible by April 24, Friday. If the moon of Ramadan seen on April 24, then the first Rosa will be kept on April 25. Or else the first Rosa will be on April 26. This institution provides official astronomical data from the UK. Its position in the Gregorian calendar varies depending on the lunar calendar.

29 or 30 Days Fast

Muslims fast for 29 or 30 days according to the month of Ramadan i.e., the moon. After the moon of Ramadan seen, the morning he was eaten fast before the sun goes out, while Iftar occurs after the sunsets. Those who keep Roza cannot eat or drink anything between Sahri and Iftar.

Eid Festival Will Be Different Due To Corona

Apricot juice commonly consumed in Iftar in many parts of the world, especially in parts of Arab countries. However, curd-based drinks are consumed more in South Asia. It is a time of peace and brotherhood. People come together to share Iftar and for those who cannot afford it.

Eid-ul-Fitr celebrated after the month of fasting is over, which the Muslim community celebrates with great joy and happiness. They wear their best clothes and meet and greet their loved ones. But this year the ceremony is likely to be a little different due to the coronavirus.

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