Good News! Ration Card Holders Will Get 6 Months Advance Ration

Ration Card Details

Ration Card: There is good news for about 75 crore ration cards in the country. Holders will now be able to get a lump sum of 6 months of grain on their card. Union Food and Consumer Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan gave this information on Wednesday. He said that given the available stock of food grains in the country, these instructions had issued to all the states.

Currently, two months of advance grain is available on the ration card. Only the Punjab government provides the facility of taking a six-month outright grain. Let it known that crores of people will get significant relief from this step of the government.

Union Minister Said This

Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan said that there is enough grain in government warehouses at this time. Now some quantity of wheat has been kept in the open. In such a situation, due to more outright grain picking, it will also help in reducing the pressure on the godowns. Paswan also said that the government currently has 435 lakh tonnes of surplus grain.

It has 272.19 lakh tonnes of rice and 162.79 lakh tonnes of wheat. Explain that in April, PDS needs about 135 lakh tonnes of rice and 74.2 lakh tonnes of wheat. The government has sufficient supplies. Paswan told all the states that if they wish, they can take extra grain in advance.

Ration Card Portability From June 1

The government has already stated that from June 1, it wants to implement ration card portability across the country. In the same link, ration card portability said to implemented in four other states, including Uttar Pradesh and Bihar by March. Under the government’s ‘One Nation, One Ration Card’ initiative, the ration cardholders of any state have to provide cheap foodgrains in any part of the country.

There Are Around 75 Crore Ration Cardholders In The Country. At Present, The Government Provides Only 2 Months Of Advance Grain.


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