Ravi Shankar Prasad Raised Questions On Sonia Gandhi Article

Ravi Shankar Attack On Sonia Article

Politics has heated up on the article of Congress President Sonia Gandhi printed in a newspaper. BJP’s senior leader and Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad have sharply commented on his report. He said that you had counted a lot of work, but would also have told his failures. The work which started during the UPA government, our government, has pushed ahead in a systematic and better manner.

What has Ravi Shankar Prasad said?

Sonia Gandhi recently wrote an article in a newspaper and mentioned that the UPA government should pursue the MNREGA. On this, Ravi Shankar Prasad said that Soniaji had written an article in a newspaper yesterday, in which he has announced that it is not Congress Versus BJP. Later he has said that his government has pushed the scheme of poor welfare, MNREGA etc. He has claimed it in detail. I don’t mind, but one thing came as a big surprise. When comparing UPA’s government, it would have taken Manmohan Singh’s name only once. Even after losing twice, Manmohan Singh has no credit to give.

Who is the BJP vs Congress? – Ravi Shankar

Ravi Shankar Prasad further said who is doing BJP vs Congress. Congress is doing it in a challenging time. Congress and Rahul Gandhi are doing it. Rahul Gandhi asks us what the benefit of the lockdown is. His Congress chief minister puts a lockdown. The Government of Punjab has engaged, is engaged in Maharashtra and Rajasthan. I ask him the question, does Rahul Gandhiji not listen to your Chief Minister or your argument is mild.

Congress Government Starts Work But Does Not Complete It

He further said that there is a difference between your government and Narendra Modi’s government that your government starts work but does not complete it. We complete the same job. Today our government has done that all the payment of MNREGA goes directly to the bank account. By linking with Aadhaar so that the labourers who work on the land get full money.

There Is A Change in the Narendra Modi Government

He further said that one of the advantages of our government is that in your time, 21.4 per cent people were benefiting in MNREGA, but in our government, this figure has reached 67.7 per cent. Changes are happening in the Narendra Modi government. Your husband Rajiv Gandhi used to say, I send ₹ one from Delhi, then the poor reach 15 paise, but Narendra Modi government sends ₹ 100, they get ₹ 100. This is Digital India.

Questioning Sonia, she said, Soniaji, I request you that today the country needs to speak in unison. Please stop writing BJP vs Congress. We do not run away from the BJP vs Congress. Let the elections come. We will do the Congress honestly.

Ravi Shankar Prasad Targets Rahul Gandhi over China

He further said that the election we have defeated AAP, but now NDA will also look forward, I would like to say the same thing about Rahul Gandhi about China, how much do we understand the economy of the country. There should be a debate on how much we know the strategic policy of the country. Later on, I want to say very responsibly that Rahul Gandhi should be so intelligent that he asks questions on Twitter in China’s strategic matters.

In foreign policy, at least in challenging cases, is it obligatory to ask such questions openly. Will we find a way out of harmony with the nation peacefully Rahul Gandhi Ji, please think a little on this subject, you are the one who asked for evidence even after the Balakot attack. You are the one who also demanded proof from the army on Uri’s attack.