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Robbery in Agra, Armed Crooks Took Away Lakhs From the Doctor House


Robbery in Agra: There has been a significant robbery incident in the doctor’s house in the Agra district of Uttar Pradesh. The incident of theft caused a stir in the area. According to reports, armed miscreants entered the doctor’s house, took the family hostage, and fled after committing a robbery worth lakhs. This incident of theft took place in Sector-2 of the Jagdishpura area of ​​Agra police station. A blockade was made in search of the miscreants. The police are on the lookout for the miscreants.

Robbery in Agra at Doctor House

This case is of Agra District Housing Development Colony Sector 2. According to police officials, Dr Jaswant Rai has an ultrasound centre named Dr Rai in Shaheed Nagar. His wife Sunita Sagar and younger brother’s wife Seema Sagar were present at the house. Seema Sagar is the tax superintendent in Municipal Corporation Firozabad. A female relative was staying in the house apart from Dr Jaswant and his wife at around 8 pm on Saturday. During this, many armed miscreants entered the house.

The miscreants took three people hostage, including Dr After taking hostage, the miscreants started robbing the house. When Dr Jaswant opposed the robbery, a miscreant hit the butt of a pistol in his head, which left Dr Jaswant bleeding. Seeing the spirits and attitude of the miscreants, everyone got scared and scared. The miscreants kept robbing the house for almost half an hour. The miscreants fled after looting the cash and jewellery kept in the cupboard. The miscreants have escaped from the doctor’s house with goods worth Rs 15-20 lakh.


The miscreants entered the house by jumping the main gate

Significantly, the main entrance of the house was closed. The miscreants jumped him and entered the house directly. When Dr Rai tried to run away, he hit him on the head with the butt of the gun, causing him to fall to the ground, bleeding. The miscreants dragged him and Seema to a room.

According to the police, the miscreants tied the hands and feet of Seema and Dr Jaswant after closing their mouths with the tape. Dr Sunita was taken to the room at gunpoint. After this, the cupboard was opened, and the cash and jewellery kept in it were looted. During this, the miscreants also took Dr Sunita hostage and put her in the room while leaving.

Police set up several teams to search for miscreants.

During this, according to the local people, SSP Muniraj G. Reached the spot with force. The SSP said that the boundaries of the district were sealed. Agra SSP Muniraj said that the miscreants had entered the house with weapons and fled after carrying out this incident. Several teams have been deployed to trace the miscreants. Soon the crime will be revealed after arresting the miscreants.

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