Russian Sputnik V Vaccine to Meet for Emergency use in India today

Russia Sputnik V Vaccine

Russian Sputnik V Vaccine: Every day, the record of corona infection cases in the country is increasing. Everyone expects only the Corona vaccine. Currently, only two vaccines are being used in India. Simultaneously, if the sources are to be believed, the number of vaccines may increase by July-August. Among them, the Sputnik V produced by Russia can also be approved soon.

Russian Sputnik V Vaccine can be approved today.

A meeting of the Subject Expert Committee to approve the Sputnik vaccine being made in India with Dr Reddy Labs’ help is also going on today. It will discuss how to endorse Sputnik V and by when. However, if today the meeting approves Russia-made Sputnik V, India will soon get its extensive stock. After that, it will be beneficial in addressing the complaints of vaccine deficiency.

Currently, only two vaccines have been approved.

Let me tell you that only Coishield of Serum Institute and Covaxin of Bharat Biotech is being used in the country. This vaccine is being applied to people above 45 years of age on a war footing. Meanwhile, there are reports of vaccine deficiency from many states. For this reason, there is now an appeal being made to allow the vaccine of other vaccine manufacturers in the country as well.

According to the information, more than ten crore people have been vaccinated so far in the country. On average, around 35 lakh doses are being given every day.