Be Careful If You Are Using SBI Credit Card Reward Point Redemption

SBI Credit Card Online

People using credit and debit cards have often seen cheating. If you currently have a credit or debit card from SBI, you need to be careful. Cyber thugs are trying to elect you in the name of “reward point redemption.” To avoid any such fraud calls, SBI has asked its customers to be careful through SMS. He told the customers in his SMS that if requests are received from a number starting from 1800 or 1860, the customers should not share any information related to their credit or debit card.

SBI Warns Customers

SBI has warned customers to avoid replying to social media posts related to the Coronavirus. Tweeting that he will first ensure that you check the source and credibility of the information. As well as do not share any personal or financial details with anyone.

It said that the cyber thugs are active in the name of the stoppage of EMI, a small mistake made by you can take all your accumulated capital into your hands. To avoid such thugs, SBI has warned its customers. SBI says that the only way to prevent cyber thugs is to be vigilant and aware.

Something Like This Can Cheat

Cyber ​​thugs can call you as a representative of the bank. And informing you how to avail the RBI announced EMI moratorium could ask for information from you.

Smart thugs will ask you to get your information, such as your name, address, date of birth verified, to clear your doubts. After this, he will tell you in detail about EMI. Also, it will make you aware of the terms and conditions associated with it so that you do not have any doubts. SBI Credit Card.

Cyber ​​thugs will then talk about sending you an online form. In which the way will ask to fill information related to your credit and debit card: number, CVV. And when OTP comes on your phone after submitting your form, he will ask for OTP on some pretext. And clean your account as soon as you give your OTP. So always be cautious with such people.