Shaheen Bagh Protesters Agree To Open The Noida Kalindi Kunj Road

People protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in Shaheen Bagh have opened an alternative route to Noida and Faridabad after about 70 days. Only small vehicles, cars and bikes can go through this route. The reason for this is that this path is extremely narrow.

This route goes through Noida and Faridabad via Holi Family, Jamia, Batla House, and Abul Fazal. This path is good towards Noida going forward, but the path going towards Faridabad is very narrow. The protesters have opened only one way. However, barricades are still on the way back.

Shaheen Bagh Road Opens

The reason for this is that there is no cut on it. And the Protest did on the way back. There is no relief from the jam from its opening. According to police sources, the barricade installed on the Mahamaya flyover is not possible to open until a side road of the Protest is opened, because this road is very heavy traffic.

In this way, the protesters have not opened the main road containing Shaheen Bagh. Only one alternate path has opened. Local people will be able to open this way by protesters. The protesters say that after talking to the interlocutors appointed by the Supreme Court. The decision was taken to open the road containing Abul Fazl.

According to DCP South East, Road No 9 opened this morning by a group of protesters, but later it closed by another faction. After this, a group of protesters has again opened the way a bit. However, the consensus of the protesters regarding opening this route has not been cleared.

Earlier on Saturday morning, interlocutor Sanjay Hegde and Sadhana Ramachandran reached Shaheen Bagh and spoke to the protesters. The effort of the negotiators paid off on the fourth day. And the protesters agreed to open a path of hope.

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