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‘Shaheen’ Will Wreak Havoc, IMD Alerts Maharashtra and Gujarat


The havoc of cyclonic storm ‘Gulab’ has not stopped yet that the fear of a new cyclonic storm ‘Shaheen‘ has created panic in people’s hearts. This storm is becoming a cause of concern, especially for the people living in the coastal areas of Maharashtra and Gujarat. This is because a cyclonic storm named ‘Shaheen’ is about to form in the Arabian Sea, and it will show its effect in the coastal areas of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Shaheen Storm in Maharashtra and Gujarat

At present, the cyclonic storm ‘Gulaab’ has brought destruction in Maharashtra. The ‘Gulab’ storm has now turned into a low-pressure area. It has moved to the southern regions of Chhattisgarh and Odisha.

Due to the preparation of this low-pressure area, many regions of Maharashtra have been receiving heavy to hefty rains since Monday. Talking about the Marathwada region only, ten people have lost their lives here. Many cattle have been washed away; shops have been washed away.


Th What impact accrues (Gulab) has overthrown havoc, Shaheen (Shaheen)?

In the Marathwada and Vidarbha region districts, the dreadful effect of the havoc of Gulab is visible all around. River, drain, pond, haat, footpath, street, village, city, street, shop, house, scaffold, i.e. water is flooded everywhere. Crops have been destroyed; water is flowing over many bridges.

People have once again had to come on the roofs of the house. In the next 48 hours, the effect of the low-pressure area formed due to cyclonic storm ‘Gulaab’ will be visible in many districts of Maharashtra. Somewhere it will be torrential, and somewhere very torrential rain. After so much devastation, now the news of the arrival of the ‘Shaheen’ storm has created fear in our hearts.

A more severe storm than ‘Gulaab’, Oman has given the name ‘Shaheen.’

The intensity of cyclonic storm Gulab will be high in the next 24 hours. In these hours, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has expressed the possibility of torrential to hefty rains in Marathwada, Madhya Maharashtra, Konkan. It is a matter of concern that this storm will appear in a new form once again. That is, new birth is about to take place. This is a matter of great concern for Maharashtra and Gujarat.


This storm will be ready in the Arabian Sea. This cyclonic storm will be called ‘Shaheen’. The country of Oman gives this name. Experts are keeping an eye on every small and big development related to the preparation of this storm. In such a situation, the next two three days are going to be very important.

Because in these two days, the low-pressure area present in Chhattisgarh and southern Odisha will reach the Arabian Sea. According to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), it will get to the Arabian Sea on September 30. Coming here, it will change into a new form. It will show its effect on the seashores of Maharashtra and Gujarat by becoming a cyclonic storm.

How much impact will Shaheen have on Maharashtra and Gujarat?

According to the information that has come out at the moment, this new cyclonic storm named Shaheen will not hit the coasts of the western coast of India. It will move away from the beaches of Maharashtra and Gujarat in the direction of Oman on October 1. But due to this, there will be torrential rains in the coastal parts of Maharashtra and Gujarat. That is, the force of the rain is going to continue for a few days.


In 2018, between September 10 and 19, a cyclonic storm named ‘Gaza’ came even before this. It weakened over the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu on September 15. Then it turned into a place of ​​low pressure. After this, this quiet pressure area moved from the ground surface to the Arabian Sea and there once again, a new storm appeared.

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