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Shrikesh Found Alive After 7 Hours In A Morgue Freezer


Shrikesh Found Alive: Here, a person was declared dead by the doctors and kept in the mortuary. The person was held in the morgue around four o’clock, but he was breathing when he was seen at 11 in the morning.

After this, he was immediately shifted to the ward. His treatment started. When the condition became severe, he was referred to the Medical College in Meerut. The person is alive and is undergoing treatment.

Shrikesh Found Alive

According to the report of India Today, the name of the person is Shrikesh. He is an employee in the Municipal Corporation. On Thursday, November 18, he had left the house late at night to get milk. Then there was an accident with Shrikesh while crossing the road. He was taken to three different private hospitals for treatment.


In the end, he has declared brought dead by the doctors. Then the relatives brought the body to the district hospital late in the night to conduct the postmortem. Doctor Manoj, who was present in the emergency here, checked up Shrikesh and declared him dead. The body was sent to the mortuary.

On Friday, November 19, at 11 am, there was an uproar in the mortuary of the district hospital when the police were preparing to perform the Panchnama of the dead body when it came to know that Shrikesh, who was declared dead, was breathing.

The family members immediately informed the doctors in the district hospital. Then the doctors who reached the mortuary on information did a checkup and confirmed that he was alive. After that, the treatment was started immediately.


What do the families have to say?

Shrikesh’s brother-in-law told the media that his brother-in-law is posted in Moradabad Municipal Corporation. His wife works in a dental hospital. There are no children. After the information about the accident, his wife took him to the hospital for treatment. There he had a CT scan. He further said,

At 11 pm, I got a call that Shrikesh had an accident. I brought the car. After coming here, when he saw in the hospital Bright Star, he said that we do not have facilities here, take him to Sai Hospital. We took Sai Hospital; an ambulance was with us. A team of doctors came to Sai, but they did not have a ventilator. We said where to take it; then they said take the cosmos.

We thought that let’s take Vivekananda; when Vivekananda was born, there was a doctor there in the emergency, he did a checkup. The treatment was not given, and after installing the machine, he said there was neither pulse nor BP, then he said it was over.


Then we brought the same ambulance to the district hospital because it is government. The doctor was there in the emergency. We told the whole matter to the doctor; then he said that keep the body in the mortuary. Then we came after keeping the body in the morgue.

What does the doctor say?

In this case, the CMS doctor of the district hospital, Shiv Singh told that a person named Shrikesh was brought to the district hospital for treatment. Dr Manoj Yadava had done a complete checkup; after that, he was declared dead. Only after this, he was shifted to the mortuary. And the police was informed.

CMS further said that the relatives said that before being brought to the district hospital and also in many hospitals, Shrikesh was declared dead. Such cases are sporadic. In such cases, when sometimes a person gets hurt and medicines are given to him, their effect is seen after a long time. At that time, it is felt that the person has died. The same thing happened in this case, and the effect of the medicines happened after a long time; perhaps because of this, he has started breathing once again.

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