Sonia Gandhi Letter To PM Modi, Giving These Suggestions In Lockdown

Sonia Gandhi Letter To PM Modi

Coronavirus cases are increasing in the country, and the ordinary people are facing a lot of trouble due to the lockdown of 21 days. Meanwhile, Congress President Sonia Gandhi has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue of this epidemic and expressed concern about the coronavirus. Sonia has said the decision of the lockdown is right, but with this said, the announcement of the package for the common laborers.

Sonia Gandhi Letter To PM Modi

In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Sonia Gandhi wrote that given the threat of coronavirus, the decision to lockdown 21 days is a welcome step, in such a situation, everyone is standing with the country in this crisis. But at the same time, the mess is enormous in terms of economy as well as health in the country.

Sonia Gandhi Letter

She Has Also Appeal These

  1. For those doctors who are engaged in dealing with Coronavirus, N95 masks and Hazmat suits are to arranged directly. The government has given 15 thousand crore rupees for health services to deal with Corona.
  2. A risk allowance for doctors should announce. It should implement from March 1 to the next six months.
  3. A portal and phone number should arrange where all the information about the Corona is available. The knowledge of all those hospitals in the country should communicate with ordinary people, where it treated.
  4. Given the crisis of Corona, the government should build a Temporary Hospital; arrangements for ICUs and ventilators should also make immediately.
  5. The central government should provide direct financial help to poor people, including daily wage laborers, factory labor, MNREGA workers. This help should go directly to their bank account.
  6. The government should increase the MSP of farmers’ crops and stop any kind of recovery for the next six months. Sonia Gandhi Letter.
  7. The Central Government should implement a scheme like justice immediately; the help of 7500 should give to the people through the Jan Dhan account.
  8. 10 KG to a low-income family. Wheat should provide, given the next 21 days, it is necessary to fulfill it.
  9. All EMIs of job occupants should postpone for six months. Apart from this, loan installments should also stop.
  10. There should be announcements like tax relief for the industry. Focus on small business people should be announced soon.

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