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Haryana: Sultan Bull Dies Due to Heart Attack, Worth More than 21 Crore


Sultan Bull Dies: You must have seen Sultan Pehalwan from Sultan movie, but the Sultan of Haryana was on one side. He is saying this because today, he is not in this world. He died of a heart attack a few days ago. Sultan Bull of Budakheda village of Kaithal illuminated the name of Kaithal and the whole of Haryana. His owner Naresh says that like Sultan, there was no one and probably there will be no one. Because of that, today, people all over northern Haryana know us.

Sultan Bull Dies Due to Heart Attack

The king has brought up Sultan since childhood. He was pampered like his own child, but today after his departure, there is a lack in the family. An empty peg makes the king sad. All the time, just keep looking at his picture. Keep watching his awards.

The Sultan, who created panic in the cattle fairs, gave such a name to the king and his family that today everyone knows him only because of the Sultan. The Sultan has raised flags in every competition. Even Sultan has played his role in Haryana’s music album. The king says that the sorrow of Sultan’s departure is so much that his memory does not go from his heart. We will try to make someone like him by giving him an upbringing, but his lack will not be fulfilled. The Sultan died of a heart attack before the king’s eyes, whose grief is unbearable. Animal lovers are reaching far and wide to express grief over his death.


Semen sells in lakhs.

The semen of the Sultan used to earn lakhs. Sultan used to give 30 thousand semen doses in a year, sold for lakhs of rupees. Sultan has also been a national winner in the National Animal Beauty Competition held in 2013 in Jhajjar, Karnal and Hisar. At the Pushkar fair in Rajasthan, an animal lover had put a price of Rs 21 crore on the Sultan, but the king said that the Sultan is his son and sons do not have any value. The king and his brother used to take care of the Sultan like their own son.

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