Watch The Brightest Supermoon 2020 in India From Here

Supermoon 2020 India

Today on Tuesday, the Moon will see again in the sky but in a different way. This Sun will see in the air after the Sun sets because it will look pink instead of milky or cream colour like every day. The reason for this is the Supermoon 2020 event. It is also called Pink Supermoon. The Supermoon 2020 between tonight and Wednesday morning will be even brighter than daily. In India, it will see at 8 am on April 8.

When Will You See

If you also want to see this unique astronomical event amid lockdown then be prepared. After rising at 7 in the evening, it will see in its full colour at 10.35 pm. However, it is global time and from this point of view, this event of Supermoon 2020 will start from April 7 in Barat and will run till the morning of April 8. If you want to see it, then it will be seen in India at 8 am. However, if you’re going to watch it at night, then you have the option to watch it online. It will not be possible to see it till morning.

What Is A Supermoon 2020

It is an astronomical phenomenon which has named Pink Moon in America and other countries. It got this name because it occurs in April and this month a unique flower blooms in America which are of pink colour. During Supermoon 2020, Moon is closer to Earth and due to this, it looks bigger and brighter than regular days. Due to the ‘super moon’, the Moon appears 14 per cent larger and 30 per cent brighter than every day.

When the Moon comes closest to the Earth, the position is called ‘Perigee’, and when it is farthest in orbit, it is called ‘Apoji’, on April 7, the Moon will be ‘Perigee’, and due to that, it will appear larger.