Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan June 2020 Sutak Kal Timing Do & Don’t

Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan June 2020 News

The first solar eclipse of the year 2020 is going to happen on June 21. The unique thing is that this will be an annular eclipse in which the Moon will cover about 98.8% of the Sun. The steak period of the eclipse that falls on Sunday, June 21, has started at 09:15 at night. Those who believe in Hinduism believe in the Sutak period. During this period, the doors of worship houses and temples have closed. After this, after the eclipse Sutak period ends, people again open temples and worship houses, sanctify them by spraying Ganga water in the idols, and start the duly worshiped rituals as before.

Solar Eclipse Time

On June 21, the eclipse will begin at 9:15 am, and the full eclipse will see at 12:10 pm. During this time, there will be a slight dark shadow. After this, the eclipse will end at 03:04. That is, there will be a long eclipse of about 6 hours. Due to the long eclipse, it is being discussed all over the world. The solar eclipse will start around 10:20 am in the country’s capital Delhi. The eclipse will be in full effect at 12:02 pm and will end at 01:49 pm. There may be some differences in eclipse time in other cities of the country.

What is Eclipse

According to astrologers, the eclipse is 12 hours before the start of any complete eclipse and 12 hours after the eclipse. It believed that during this period, there is no worship or any auspicious work in temples. Temples open only after the Sutak period ends, and people begin worship rituals. The Sutak period of this eclipse will be valid, which will start exactly 12 hours before the eclipse. The steak has started from 09:52 pm on June 20.

A Solar Eclipse Will See Here

The sight of this eclipse, including India, will be seen in Nepal, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Ethiopia, and Kongo. At the same time, Dehradun, Sirsa, or Tehri are some famous cities in India where people will be able to see the beautiful view of the annular solar eclipse. A partial solar eclipse will see in other parts of the country.

What Is The Annular Solar Eclipse

This eclipse will neither be a partial solar eclipse nor a full solar eclipse because the Moon’s shadow will cover only about 99% of the Sun. The Moon’s shadow in the sky will combine with the center of the Sun to form a ring shape around the Sun. Due to which the Sun will look like a ring of fire in the sky. This eclipse is going to happen on the biggest day of the year. This phenomenon called annular solar eclipse when the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun and completely covers the central part of the Sun. As a result, the circle of the Sun appears like a glowing ring.

Do Not See The Eclipse With Open Eyes

A solar eclipse like the Moon should not see with open eyes. It said that it could hurt your eyes. A solar eclipse can view using the appropriate filters by projecting the image of the Sun onto a whiteboard using either secure aluminum technique, welding polymer of shade polymer, shade number 14, or telescope.

Take Care While Watching The Eclipse

Although most of the Moon will hide, it still should not be seen with naked eyes. Experts say that special viewing filters such as solar viewing glasses or telescope-telescopes should use. Seeing the Sun directly can spoil the eyes and can leave the eyesight forever.

Pregnant Women Should Take Special Care

According to Indian beliefs, special care should be taken by pregnant women from the beginning of the eclipse to the end of the eclipse i.e., from 09:15 am to 03:04 pm in June 21. Follow the necessary measures as per the advice of the elders of the house. It believed that women should not leave the house during the eclipse. However, there should not be any kind of fear or anxiety in mind. Eclipse day should also consider a typical day like regular days.

Keep These Things In Mind During A Solar Eclipse

No one, from children to elders, should see this eclipse with naked eyes. According to NASA, use solar filter glass goggles to see the solar eclipse.

It is also advisable not to see solar eclipse with homemade glasses or any lens. This can hurt your eye.

At the time of the eclipse, put solar filter glasses before looking at the sky and remove it only after the sight is down or after the eclipse ends.

– According to an American organization, do not drive a car / another vehicle at the time of the eclipse.

-But if someone is on the way at the time of the eclipse, then he should drive the car only by lighting the headlight of his car and making some distance from other vehicles. Particular caution advised in driving.

– If you are planning to show children an eclipse, then make sure to arrange solar filter glasses to protect their eyes.