Sushant Singh Rajput Was A Victim Of Depression, Know Its Symptoms

Sushant Singh Rajput Depression Symptoms

Everyone is shocked by the news of suicide by Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. He was a favourite of the youth. For youth, he identified as a lively and pleasant person. But his taking such a step at the age of 34 has raised many questions. It is said that he was in depression for the last six months.

A few days ago, one of his secretaries also committed suicide. Police are currently investigating the case. Spot News 18 spoke to renowned psychiatrist Dr Awadhesh Sharma to find out the reason behind this fatal step taken by him. In this conversation, we tried to know why any person comes into depression and what are the symptoms.

India In Case Of Suicide

India is one of the countries where the youth most take such a step. According to data from the World Health Organization, every year, around eight lakh people in the world choose the path of suicide. In Russia, India, some European and African countries, the number of suicides is much higher than in other countries.

According to Dr Awadhesh, there can be many reasons for depression. Some of the primary reasons for this include: –

  • In this, the close of a person very close.
  • Being alone away from family
  • Concerns about the future.
  • Insecurity arises.
  • Other people isolate them.
  • Family problems, including financial issues.

According to Dr Awadhesh, the person suffering from depression can identify through some symptoms. Some of them are special: –

  • That person stops associating with others.
  • Such a person has a poor sleep or frequent sleep disturbances.
  • The appetite for such a person decreases.
  • The person suffering from depression gets weaker.
  • Such a person likes to be alone and speaks less.

Seek Medical Help Immediately On Depression

After identifying such a person, the responsibility of his / her near and dear ones increases considerably. In such a situation, talking to a person is very important. Leaving him alone can be fatal. The family or people close to it should contact the doctor immediately after finding out that the person is in depression. It is essential to maintain a pleasant atmosphere in the house.

Dr Awadhesh says that there is a big difference between sadness and apathy. Grief occurs for some time, but if sadness persists for a long time, it turns into apathy, which is a disease. It is necessary to treat it as soon as possible. According to him, coming to the mind of suicide is often the result of long and sometimes long stress.