Tejashwi Yadav Wrote A Letter To Public on Lalu Yadav Birthday

Lalu Yadav Birthday Photo

On the birthday of Lalu Prasad Yadav, Lalu’s younger son Tejashwi has come to meet his father in Ranchi, while the elder son Tej Pratap has reached the Chhoti Patan Devi temple in Patna. At the same time, Rabri Devi has tweeted a video from her residence and compared Lalu to Krishna.

On the 73rd birthday of RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav, his elder son Tej Pratap Yadav along with his supporters, reached the Shakti Peeth Chhoti Patnadevi temple in Patna City. He was wished to be healthy and longevity on his birthday. On this occasion, Tej Pratap planted saplings in the temple premises and also worshiped Gau Mata.

Tejashwi said that he has come to Ranchi to meet his father. He wrote a message and took the oath.

Tejashwi Yadav Letter on Lalu Yadav Birthday

Dear Biharis,

Today I have come to Ranchi to meet my father on his incarnation day. Different types of emotions are coming to mind on his birthday. The intention is a bit distressed that they are struggling alone away from us, and also a little louder because their birthday gives me more inspiration. Just like them, the fight for the poor, the poor, the oppressed, the oppressed, the neglected and the deprived, without compromising the principles Fight

Whenever I look at the journey of my father’s life, it seems incredible and rare. Respected Lalu Ji, fought against high and low, ending all social anomalies of Bihar. Raised the flag of the rights of the poor, and no matter how odd the situation came, never bowed down, never compromised its principles.

Odd conditions break the good, forcing conspiracy and surrender. Years of propaganda take away the confidence of human beings. Still, it is also exemplary that even-odd circumstances, countless plots, and constant propaganda did not break Lalu Ji’s courage, bend his principles, stop his steps dedicated to public service. But only strengthened his spirits.

They are fighting even today, without being weary, without bending and I am proud that I have also become a part of this fight for the rights of the people of Bihar, so today on my birthday I pledge that the youth and poor of Bihar I will get justice done under all circumstances. Just enough casteism, communalism, death due to disorganization spread during the disease, too much.

The poor have a hunger for bread, they have left our youth unemployed, they have suffered a lot from our brothers, the pain of migration, Misrule took many lives away, Bihari was very disturbed on the streets. While ruling the government for 15 years, it was awful and will not let others be anymore. I will no longer lose my life through starvation, crime, chaos, injustice.

Today, on Father’s 73rd birthday, we will feed at least 73000 poor people, remove worries from their foreheads, and then with the inspiration of father, Bihar will get rid of this challenging time.

With the inspiration of Lalu Ji, the steps which have taken to serve Bihar. Those steps will not stop, will never be tired.

Your son, your brother
Tejashwi Yadav

Rabri Devi congratulated her on her birthday and wrote that Lord Krishna was also sent to jail under a conspiracy. I wished you a pleased birthday. May the grace of God be on you every second of every moment. The planners had even sent Lord Krishna to jail. May you be healthy and continue to fight for the honor and rights of the poor. This is the ultimate prayer. #LongLiveLalu