Train Fare Increase 2020 Know How Much Will Have To Pay Now

Train Fare Increase 2020: Railways have increased passenger fares by up to four paise per kilometer. The new fare will be effective from January 1, 2020, but will not affect the tickets already booked. Suburban train fares are also excluded from this increase. According to the order issued on Tuesday, the fare of an ordinary non-AC train has been increased by one paisa per km. This increase has increased by two paise for Mail and Express non-AC trains and by four paise per kilometer for AC train fares. The increased fare will also be applicable to premium trains like Shatabdi, Rajdhani, and Duronto.

Train Fare Increase

Talking about increase fares in Mail Express trains, the second class fare has increased by 2 paise, the sleeper class fare by 2 paise and the first-class fare by 2 paise.

Train Fare Increase 2020

At the same time, in the case of AC class, the fare of AC chair car has increased by 4 paise, for AC-3 tier, 4 paise, AC-2 tier fare by 4 paise and AC first-class fare has also increased by four paise.

Train Fare Increase 2020

Ministry of Railways revises the basic passenger fare as per the revised passenger fare table published by Indian Railway Conference Association (IRCA), effective from January 1, 2020.

Understand Such Increased Rent

The distance from Delhi to Kolkata is 1447 km if you go from Delhi to Kolkata in the AC class. Then you will have to pay around 58 rupees more for four paise per kilometer.

No Change On

As per the Railway order, no change has made in the reservation and superfast charge. There is also no change in the catering charge.

Know – Why The Fare Increase

The Railways had last increased passenger fares by 14.2 percent and freight fares by 6.5 percent in 2014-15. The Railways says that there has been a slight increase in fares to provide modern amenities to the passengers. The money from the increased fares will use to modernize the station and railway network.

Rent Not Increase For Many Years

Explain that the Railways has not increased passenger fares for many years. Last year, a committee of Parliament recommended that the railways should review railway passenger fares over a fixed period. The committee also talked about making the fare practical so that the income of the railway can be increased from it. This suggestion was made in view of the reduction in the amount of money earned from passenger services. However, the government did not increase rail fares in the budget.

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