Two Sadhus Killed In A Temple Complex in Bulandshahr, UP

Bulandshahr News On Sadhus

Two sadhus have killed in a temple complex on Monday night in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. The person allegedly accused of stealing has been behind the incident. The sadhus have died with a sharp weapon. Both the deceased temporarily lived in this temple. Raju, an accused in the event, has been arrested. Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath has assured strict action.

Two Sadhus Killed In Bulandshahr, UP

According to the police, while carrying out the crime, the accused was intoxicated by drugs and has not yet fully regained consciousness. He will question as soon as his intoxication subsides. The police officer also added that there is no communal talk behind this incident. Senior police officer Santosh Kumar Singh told news agency ANI that two Babas lived in this temple.

A person named Murari, aka Raju, took the tongs of these two. It said that both these babas scolded Raju on this very thing. After the murder, the villagers started looking for Raju. When he found it, he intoxicated by cannabis and wore very few clothes. Bulandshahr.

According to Santosh Singh, Raju was furious after being scolded by Babas. It must have eaten cannabis on Monday night, and after that, both went to the temple and killed them. Let me tell you that recently in Maharashtra too, two sadhus beat to death by a mob. The crowd suspected that these sadhus kidnap children and sell their parts. Bulandshahr.

After the incident in Maharashtra, all the leaders of BJP and RSS told the conspiracy behind the killing of sadhus. But the state government has ultimately denied any communal conflict. Shiv Sena leader Priyanka Chaturvedi has said in a tweet that it expected that the UP government would take strict action on the event in Bulandshahr and Communalization of this incident will not be allowed.

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