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Inflation In Jharkhand Huge Jump In The Price Of Vegetable In Gumla


Vegetable Price In Gumla Jharkhand: Unseasonal rains have damaged vegetables. Now the frost has started. Due to this, the vegetables grown in the field are getting affected. Farmers are in trouble due to the spoilage of vegetables in the field. On the other hand, whatever vegetable is coming in the market. Its price has also increased. The budget of the house has also been disturbed due to inflation. The middle class is the most troubled.

Vegetable Price In Gumla Jharkhand

Vegetables are disappearing from the plate of ordinary people. A month ago, the tomato was being sold for Rs 20 a kg. Today its price has gone up to Rs 60. Onion sold for Rs 20 two months ago has now become Rs 40.

The price of red potatoes has come down. The cost of a red potato sold at Rs 40 per kg has come down to Rs 20. There has been a jump in the price of green vegetables. Here, if farmers and vegetable vendors are believed, then the cost of vegetables may increase further after a week. Vegetable prices increase due to less production of vegetables and due to weather.


Domestic women said: are suffering from inflation.

Vinod Sahu, a resident of Lohardaga Road in Gumla city, said that the lower and middle class are affected the most due to the increase in the price of vegetables. Randhir Thakur, a resident of Laxman Nagar, said that we earn and eat every day. There is already a fire in the prices of food items. From above the rate of vegetables is increasing day by day.

Due to this, we have to take care of our budget while shopping for vegetables. Shanti Khalkhon, a resident of Tarri Dipatoli, said that due to the increase in the prices of vegetables in this way, we would be able to see the vegetable only.

But will not be able to buy. There was a time when a bag of vegetables was available in the market for a hundred rupees. But now we can buy only two vegetables for one hundred rupees.


Shobha Devi, a resident of Laxman Nagar, said that oil prices have already increased. The cost of vegetables is running out day by day. Due to this, we are facing a lot of trouble in running the house.

Vegetables Current Rates 3 Months Old Rates
Tomato 60 20
Cabbage 60 40
Cauliflower 60 30
Radish 25 10
Parwal 60 40
French Bean 60 40
Capsicum 80 60
Bitter Gourd 60 40
Brinjal 40 30
Suran 30 50
LadyFinger 60 30
Carrot 60 30
Onion 40 25
Potato Red 20 20
White Potatoes 16 15
Garlic 100 80
Sum 80 40
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