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Vidhan Sabha Election 2022: Announcement Of Election Dates Of 5 States


Vidhan Sabha Election 2022 Dates: In Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur, the assembly elections have been sounded today. The Election Commission has announced the dates of assembly elections in five states amidst the growing threat of Omicron, the challenges of Corona.

The Election Commission has announced elections from February 10. Elections will be held in seven phases in UP, two phases in Manipur. Apart from this, elections will be held in one phase in Punjab, Goa and Uttarakhand.

According to the information given by the Election Commission, 18.3 crore voters will vote in the elections to be held in five states of the country.


Let us tell you that with the announcement of the election dates on Saturday, the model code of conduct has also come into force. At the same time, assembly elections will be held in these five states under the shadow of strict corona protocol.

Election in Seven Phases in UP

  1. 1st phase – February 10
  2. 2nd phase – February 14
  3. 3rd phase – February 20
  4. 4th phase – February 23
  5. Fifth phase – February 27
  6. 6th phase – March 03
  7. Seventh phase – March 07

Elections in Manipur will be held in two phases

  1. Phase I – February 27,
  2. Phase II – March 03

Elections in Punjab, Uttarakhand and Goa will be held in one phase on February 14. At the same time, on March 10, the election results of these five states will come, the counting of votes will be done.

Highlights of Election Commission

  1. 18.3 crore voters will vote in the election.
  2. Polling booths will be built on the ground floor.
  3. Twenty-nine per cent of voters will vote for the first time in UP.
  4. There will be 2 lakh 15 thousand 368 polling booths in five states.
  5. 24.9 lakh new voters increased by 16% increase in the polling station.
  6. Illegal money and liquor will be kept a close watch; all agencies are also on alert.
  7. Postal ballot facility for 80+ voters.
  8. The voter will be given an election rules slip for the first time.
  9. Candidates will be able to enrol online through Suvidha App.
  10. All election workers will have to take both doses of vaccine Complaints will be lodged.
  11. Cvigil app for any inappropriate activity during the election.
  12. 90% of people in UP have taken the first dose of the vaccine against Corona.
  13. Most of Goa’s population has got the corona vaccine.
  14. Polling timing will be one hour more.
  15. Campaigning in digital, virtual way Political parties, padayatra and roadshows banned.
  16. Padyatra, roadshows, till January 15 ban on bicycles and bike rally.
  17. Night ban on campaigning after eight o’clock stop at victory parades after winning.
  18. More emphasis on promoting more virtual through.
  19. Allowed to preach from house to house five people.
  20. First nomination on January 14.
  21. Elections are to be held in seven phases in UP.
  22. Elections are to be held in two phases in Manipur.
  23. Polling in one phase each in Punjab-Uttarakhand.
  24. Counting of votes in five states on March 10.

According to the announcement of the Election Commission, elections will be held in Uttar Pradesh in 7 phases. There are 403 assembly seats here. Whereas in Punjab, elections will be conducted in one phase. From the point of view of security, voting will be held in Manipur in two phases. Whereas in Uttarakhand, Goa elections will be held in one phase. Let us tell you that elections will be held on 70 seats in Uttarakhand. Elections will be held on 117 assembly seats in Punjab, 60 in Manipur and 40 in Goa.


What was the 2017 picture?

Let us tell you that in 2017, the BJP formed the government in Uttar Pradesh based on a bumper majority. Then out of 403 seats here, BJP got 312 seats. The SP, which was in power from 2012 to 17, was reduced to just 47 seats. BSP got 19 seats; Congress got seven, and others got five seats. Here the BJP government was formed under the leadership of Yogi Adityanath.

If we talk about Uttarakhand, BJP came to the government on its own. Out of 70 seats, BJP won 56 seats, while Congress got 11 seats. In Uttarakhand, BJP has changed 3 CMs in the last five years. BJP formed the government here under the leadership of Trivendra Singh Rawat. After a few months, Tirath Singh Rawat became the CM. So once again, by removing him, Pushkar Singh Dhami has been made CM by the party.

If we talk about Punjab, then under the leadership of Captain Amarinder Singh, Congress had ousted the Akali Dal and BJP pair, which had been in power for ten years. In the 117-seat Punjab Assembly elections, the Congress won 77 seats defeating the Modi wave. At the same time, Akali Dal got 15 seats. BJP could win only three seats. But the most fantastic thing was done by the Aam Aadmi Party.


AAP, contesting the assembly elections for the first time, surprised everyone by winning 20 seats. However, the scene has completely changed in 5 years. Captain Amarinder Singh has left the Congress, now he has formed a new party and now his party’s alliance is with the BJP.

Tenure of Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly

The Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly term ends on May 14 2022. Before May 14, forming the assembly and the new government had to be completed in such a situation. There is a total of 403 assembly seats in Uttar Pradesh. The last assembly elections were held in February-March 2017.

BJP led NDA came to power by winning 325 seats, and Yogi Adityanath was sworn in as Chief Minister on March 19 2017. CM Yogi is the first CM of BJP to complete a five-year term in Uttar Pradesh.


Tenure of Uttarakhand assembly

The term of the 70-seat Uttarakhand Assembly ends on March 23. In the 2017 assembly elections, the BJP formed the government with a thumping majority by winning 57 seats, while the opposition Congress got only 11 seats. Trivendra Singh Rawat became the Chief Minister, but after removing him after four years, BJP first made Tirath Singh Rawat. A few months later, Pushkar Singh Dhami was the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand.

Tenure of Punjab assembly

The term of the Punjab Legislative Assembly is ending on March 27 2022. In the 2017 assembly elections in 117-seat Punjab, the Congress returned to power after ten years, winning 77 seats, while the Shiromani Akali Dal-BJP alliance was reduced to just 18 seats. Aam Aadmi Party became the main opposition party by winning 20 seats.

Captain Amarinder Singh became the Chief Minister, but Congress replaced Captain Amarinder with Charanjit Singh Channi as the Chief Minister after four years. To form the government in Punjab, any party or alliance will have to get 59 seats.


Term of Manipur Legislative Assembly

The term of the Legislative Assembly of Manipur, a 60-seat state of the Northeast, ends on March 19, 2022. In such a situation, before this, the state’s government formation process will have to be completed. In the 2017 Manipur Assembly elections, BJP emerged as the single largest party by winning 24 seats.

Congress became the main opposition party with 17 MLAs. BJP formed the government with NPP, LJP and independent MLAs, and N Birender Singh became the Chief Minister of the state.

Term of Goa’s Legislative Assembly

The term of the 40-seat Goa Legislative Assembly ends on March 15. The last assembly elections in the state were held in February 2017. Congress emerged as the single largest party by winning 15 seats, but it could not form the government. BJP won 13 seats and successfully created the government with the help of MGP, GFP and two independent MLAs. Manohar Parrikar became the Chief Minister of Goa, but after Manohar Parrikar on March 17 2019, Dr Pramod Sawant was made the state’s Chief Minister.

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