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Viral Message Claims: Modi Government Distributing Free Laptops


Have you received a message on your WhatsApp saying that the central government distributes free laptops to the people? If yes, then let us tell you that this message is completely false and fake. If you also get this message, then do not fall for it. PIB Fact Check has given this information by tweeting.

Modi Government Distributing Free Laptops

PIB Fact Check said on its Twitter handle that a fake WhatsApp message is being claimed that free laptops are being given to everyone under the Prime Minister’s Free Laptop Distribution Scheme. He said that this message was fake.

So beware of such fake messages. He has also been asked not to share or forward these fake messages. Along with this, it is also suggested not to share your personal information on any such links and websites.


So, now you too beware of such messages. This can be a way to entice you into fraud. So, be careful with this. PIB Fact Check has also shared a screenshot of this message. The message is written in bold black that laptops are being distributed free of cost by the Modi government, book early.

This fake message has been asked to go to a link to book a laptop under the scheme. If you also get the message, then do not click on the link at all. Do not share any of your personal or banking details at all by visiting this link. Using these, cybercriminals can fraud on you.

Cybercrime has increased rapidly during the Corona epidemic. The reason for this is that people spend most of their time on the phone. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of this and making people victims of fraud.


What is a PIB Fact Check?

Let us tell you that PIB Fact Check refutes false information on government policies or schemes. If you suspect any government-related news to be fake, then you can inform PIB Fact Check about it. For this, you can send 918799711259 to this mobile number or socialmedia@pib.gov.in email id.

Akash Kumar Mishra
Akash Kumar Mishra
Akash Kumar Mishra is the CO-Editor at Spot News 18. He is very passionate about His Work and Loves to Write about Technology Topics.

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