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Why is Mother’s Day Celebrated? Importance of Mother’s Day


Do you know why Mother’s Day is celebrated? God cannot be everywhere, and so He created mothers. To salute motherhood, to increase the influence of mothers in society, Mother’s Day is celebrated to increase the maternity bond to children.

Mother Nature’s best gift. It is time to think about those legacies, aspects of society and the challenges that the mother faces daily.

Mother loves her children unconditionally as a lifelong protector. Best friend, and in every situation, she plays different roles like a teacher. So let’s know why Mother’s Day is celebrated?


What is Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day or Mother’s Day is a day that is wholly invited to all mothers worldwide. If seen, Mother’s Day or Mother’s Day is a significant celebration to honour the mother and her motherhood, maternity bond and mother’s influence in the society, a vital member of the family.

It is celebrated on different days in most countries; it is usually observed only in March or May.

When is Mother’s Day celebrated?

In India, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year and is also known as Mothering Sunday (Christian festival) to honour Mother.


Do you know that Mother’s Day is celebrated due to different days and different forms?

This day is celebrated in most countries like Australia, New Zealand, India, China, Canada, South Africa, America and European countries. But there is an exception that it is celebrated in March in some Arab countries and some European countries.

Mother’s Day in 2021 is on Sunday, May 9. This day is celebrated to honour mothers and motherhood. It represents the maternal bond and the influence of mothers in society.


Why Mother’s Day is Celebrated

Mother’s Day was started in the 20th century by Ana Jarvis, an American man who, incidentally, never became a mother. Born in 1864, she was 12 years old when she heard her mother Ann Marie Jarvis praying that she hoped to start a remembrance day to recognise mothers who serve humanity in every sphere of life.

He did not forget that prayer. Ann Marie had no indifferent feelings about prayer motherhood. This was rooted in his social and peace activism and community work. She formed Mother’s Day Work Clubs in churches in West Virginia, where she lived.

After the American Civil War (1861–65), they organised Mother’s Friendship Day to bring together soldiers and civilians of varying political beliefs. It became an annual event for many years to promote peace and friendship.


In 1907, two years after Ann Marie’s death. Her daughter Ana began an aggressive campaign to establish Mother’s Day in America, now in its forties.

In a few years, he got success, and in 1914, it became an official holiday in America. Changed the date to fit existing ceremonies honouring mothers. For example, Mothering Sunday in the United Kingdom is the fourth Sunday of Lent (40 days before Easter).

In 1872, when Anna was only eight years old, another American had already advocated Mother’s Day. He was a poet, writer, editor and political activist Julia Ward Howe, who asked that June 2 be celebrated as Mother’s Day. Her efforts were unsuccessful, but her “Appeal to womanhood throughout the world”, written in 1870, became known as the “Mother’s Day Proclamation”, partly as a reaction to America’s long and bloody civil war.


In 1908, Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother 1905 in Grafton, West Virginia (where the International Mother’s Day pilgrimage was held).

The request to make this day a holiday was initially denied, but due to Jarvis’ efforts, by 1911, all American states began to observe the holiday. American politician and lawyer Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation declaring the second Sunday in May as a national holiday to honour mothers in 1941.

Therefore, to salute motherhood, to increase the influence of mothers in society, to increase the maternity bond to children, Mother’s Day is celebrated.


Importance of Mother’s Day

A mother is not just a female parent who conceives a child born in her womb for nine months, but also one who uses her life experience to numb her child’s future. A mother sacrifices an integral part of her life in taking care of her child.

We are all mothers, so we all should celebrate this day together. And it is time for us to face the legacy and aspects of social challenges that mothers face every day.

How is Mother’s Day celebrated?

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, many of us order gifts, greeting cards, cakes, flowers in advance or a unique plan is made to take our mothers out to express their love and affection. Most of us follow the same pattern every year to tell our mothers how special it is to each of us.


In many countries like Britain, China, India, America, Mexico, Denmark, Italy, Finland, Turkey, Australia, Canada, Japan and Belgium, Mother’s Day is celebrated with full enthusiasm and joy of spending time with your special mother, gifts. By giving etc.
Mothers are the best gift on this earth.

Do you know that Mother’s Day turned 100 this year? This is the day when we can feel caring, hard work and inspiring thoughts for our mothers and understand its importance. He is a great person of our life without whom we cannot imagine an ordinary life. She is the one who makes our life with her love so simple and easy.

Mother is such a single and straightforward word that we cannot define, and the whole universe dwells in it. She is a person who never wants anything back from children. She only wants to make her children responsible and good person. Our mothers are the inspiring and guiding force that always helps us move forward and overcome any problem.


Why is Mother’s Day celebrated?

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Where did the custom of mother worship first begin on Mother’s Day?

The practise of worshipping the mother on Mother’s Day first began in Old Greece.


Is Women’s Day celebrated just like Mother’s Day?

No, Women’s Day is not celebrated like Mother’s Day. Yes, but in some countries, March 8 celebrates Women’s Day as Mother’s Day.

When is Mother’s Day celebrated in India?

In India, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, this time on 9 May.

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