Will Trains Run After Lockdown? Railway Ministry Gave Its Answer

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Trains: The country has a lockdown until April 14 to stop the coronavirus from spreading. During this time, Indian Railways also closed. In such a situation, there are many questions in the mind of the passengers whether they will be able to travel on the train after the lockdown as before.

Will Trains Run After Lockdown?

Even if the operation of Indian Railways started on April 15. Passengers might not have to travel in full AC trains like Shatabdi, Rajdhani Express. Also, general class coaches can remove. Or perhaps the middle and side upper berths of the train are kept empty. Also, traveling on waiting tickets can be banned. It may be that the operation can start by removing the AC coach from other trains. Too, and only installing sleeper coaches.

At the same time, according to some media reports, passengers traveling by train will not allow boarding without sanitizing it. Passengers can be called to the station at least two hours in advance so that their sanitization process can quickly complete.

Railway Ministry Clarified

However, the Railway Ministry has made it clear that no protocol has been issued for travel after the lockdown is over. The Ministry has said that a decision is yet to take in this regard. When a decision made in this matter, the concerned parties will be informed about it.

People trapped in different parts of the country may know that all passenger trains have stopped to prevent the spread of coronavirus across the country. Only goods trains run. In such a situation, many people trapped in different parts of the country. And want to reach their homes, but there is no means of this. Therefore, millions of people are waiting for trains to run. The Railway Ministry has not yet decided whether the passenger trains will run or not.