Tigre At New Yorks Bronx Zoo Found Coronavirus Positive

Coronavirus Tiger

While cases of Coronavirus are increasing in the world, there are frequent deaths due to this. Apart from Italy, there are fast deaths in America and Spain. Efforts also made to control it. While on the one hand, it is making humans its prey; on the other hand, there are no more tigers who rule the forest. For the first time in the world, Coronavirus has confirmed in a tiger. Earlier, this infection found in a dog.

Tiger With Coronavirus Infection

The tigress in which the infection found named Nadia, and she is four years old. The tigress is at the Bronx Zoo in New York, and according to a statement issued by her, she monitored after receiving similar symptoms in tigress’s sister Azul, two Amur tigers and three African lions. Nadia had a mild cold after which she too was found positive in the corona test. He is said to have infected with a corona infection.

According to the statement released by the zoo’s Wildlife Conservation Society, Nadia had a shortage of food and continued to cough, after which a decision take to investigate her. Investigations have found that Coronavirus infected.

Let me tell you that the New York City of America is most affected by this disease. There are frequent cases of Coronavirus infection. The US President has even said that the figure of the dead is going to increase in the coming days.

US President Donald Trump has warned his countrymen that the coming two weeks are going to be extremely difficult and there will be a large number of deaths during this time. Trump has then backed the anti-malarial drug Hydroxy Chloroquine to combat the epidemic.

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