These Are The Secret Of Dictator Kim Jong Un Family

Kim Jong Un Death

There is suspense in the world about the health of Kim Jong Un (North Korea) dictator. No one knows how well Kim Jong is, except China. When Kim Jong Un’s health deteriorated, North Korea’s friend China sent a medical team. China has taken this step at a time when the dictator’s health is feared. Meanwhile, many types of news are also coming about his family. Especially his dear sister. We are going to tell you about Kim Jong Un’s family, whom dictators always keep hidden.

The Secret Of A Family Dictator Kim Jong Un?

  1. Kim Jong Un’s father hastily married in 2009 after his father suffered a heart attack.
  2. Kim Jong Un’s wife’s name is Ri Sol Joo.
  3. Father of three children dictator Kim Jong Un.
  4. Kim Jong Un ‘s eldest son Is ten years old.
  5. The role of dictator’s sister Kim Yo Jong in North Korea’s politics is essential.
  6. Kim Yo Jong can declare her nephew the ruler.
  7. Brother’s loyal Kim Yo Jong can take power from behind the scenes, Huh.

The secret of North Korea dictator’s disease is getting deeper. In such a situation, it discussed in the whole world that who can take power after Kim Jong Un. Kim Jong Un’s trusted sister Kim Yo Jong is at the forefront of this race.

Kim Yo Jong is present as a shadow around North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. A simple smile on the face. Very cautious Kim Yo Jong’s elder brother Kim Jong has his big face and big moments present in his side.

Kim Jong Un, about whom it said that he does not even trust his shadow, the dictator has great faith in his sister. Given Kim’s deplorable condition, speculation has now intensified as to who will take charge of North Korea in his place. One name that most discussed is his younger sister Kim Yo Jong. The signs of the North Korean dictator’s poor condition erased when Kim Jong Un’s powerful younger sister Kim Yo Jong was re-appointed to the decision-making body.

Will North Korea’s Ruler Become The Dictator’s Sister?

  1. Kim Yo Jong was his brother’s assistant for a long time.
  2. Kim Jong Un again gave important responsibility to the sister.
  3. They re-elected an alternate member of the Central Bureau of Political Bureau.
  4. Kim Yo Jong after Trump failed talks in Hanoi removed from office.
  5. Kim Jong led the country in place of Kim Jong in the 2018 Winter Olympics.
  6. After this, Kim Jong standing in the ruling party increased.

Kim Jong Un, who looks very straightforward in the pictures, is quite aggressive like his brother in making statements. North Korea practised live-fire military. After this, South Korea opposed it. After South Korea’s announcement, Kim Jong said that “scared dogs are barking”. There are many reasons why the sister is being considered the heir of her dictator brother.

Kim Jong Un has direct access to his brother. Not only this, but his sister also has a profound influence on the North Korean ruler. Kim Yo Jong knows all about his brother. Kim Yo Jong is the most loyal of his brother. Not only this, but she also deals with foreigners and South Korea. Kim Yo Jong works to create a positive image of his brother in the world.

At the moment, Kim Yo Jong has become very active after the news of Kim Jong Un’s condition deteriorating. If the news spread worldwide about Kim Jong proves to accurate, then the sister of North Korea’s dictator Kim Yo Jong can adequately handle it.