PCB Doctor Claims Pakistan Tour Of England Is Very Risky For Players

Pakistan Team To Tour England On June 28

After a gap of four months, International cricket will return from the series played between the West Indies and England in July. After this, in August, the Pakistan team will play Test and ODI series with England. On the one hand, while the fans are excited about the return of cricket, the doctor of PCB has declared a significant risk due to the danger of corona. However, the doctor believes that this series is needed to get the country out of the crisis at this time.

The Director-General of Medical and Sports Sciences of the PCB, Dr. Sohail Saleem, said, “England is a big risk during the pandemic.” He added, “The players don’t have experience playing in the pandemic, but both teams For this will be a new experience. An epidemic means there is danger, but the players considered to entertain people.

Salim said he was encouraged by the introduction of football in Europe, where Bundesliga in Germany. And Premier League matches in England played in empty stadiums. He said, “During the football match, the fans are not coming on the field. And there will be no spectators even in the cricket stadiums. The anxiety level of the people sitting at home is increasing, but cricket can reduce it.

Pakistan Team Will Leave On Sunday

Please tell me that Pakistan’s team will leave for England on Sunday. Pakistan will play three Tests and three ODIs in England. The PCB is sending a group of 29 players for the tour of England so that another can replace someone in the grip of the coronavirus.

All 29 players will have the Kovid-19 check twice before leaving for London from here. The team will practice in a bio-secure environment in England. The board has informed that players will test in England every five to seven days.