Lockdown May Increase For Two Weeks, PM Modi Will Announce Soon

PM Narendra Modi On Coronavirus

A 21-day lockdown is in force due to the Coronavirus crisis in the country. However, now this lockdown can be extended. According to sources, PM Modi can address the country on 12 or 13 April. With this, PM Narendra Modi can declare the lockdown extended.

Lockdown May Increase

Today Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a meeting with the Chief Ministers of the states through video conferencing. In this meeting, Chief Ministers of most countries have agreed to increase the lockdown. After which, PM Modi has indicated to enhance the lockdown for two weeks. At the same time, farmers can also give some relief by increasing the lockdown.

Given the Corona crisis, on March 24, a 21-day lockdown was announced in the country. April 14 is the last day of the nationwide lockdown that began on March 25. However, despite 21 days of lockdown, cases of Coronavirus have increased rapidly in the country. So far, more than seven thousand infected patients of Coronavirus have exposed. After this, now the lockdown can extend till April 30.

States Demand To Increase Lockdown – PM Modi

In this meeting held with the Chief Ministers of PM Modi, the Chief Ministers of several states, including Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Punjab suggested increasing the lockdown. Delhi CM Kejriwal demanded that the lockdown continues at the national level.

In a meeting with the Chief Minister of PM Modi, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has demanded to increase the lockdown by April 30. CM Kejriwal said that the decision to increase the lockdown should do at the national level. If the states decide on their level, then there will not be that much effect. At the same time, transport should not open in any case: no rail, no road, and no air transport.

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