PM Narendra Modi Advised Use Towel, Scarf In Place Of Mask

PM Narendra Modi On Coronavirus

PM Narendra Modi: The country is currently reeling from the catastrophe of the Corona epidemic. There is now no option other than social distancing to avoid this deadly disease. The infection of the virus spreads to the mouth, nose and eyes. In such a situation, people asked to apply to Face Mask on the Face. Although there are also a large number of people who do not have Face Mask, people are also using handkerchiefs to prevent corona infection. Explain that the number of corona infected patients in the country has crossed 6000. Due to this, there has been a concern on the forehead of the Central and State Governments.

PM Narendra Modi Gave This Advice

While talking on the phone to BJP member Hansraj Vishwakarma, PM Modi has advised using other resources like towels, scarfs if there is no face mask. PM Narendra Modi also inquired from Hansraj about the conditions of his parliamentary constituency Varanasi. PM Modi spoke to Vishwakarma for about 4 minutes. During this, he also asked to work in mission mode for the safety of the people.

PM Narendra Modi said that there is no need to spend money and time to buy masks. People can also use scarves and towels instead. According to media reports, Vishwakarma said that during the discussion when he said that BJP workers are preparing him to distribute masks to people, PM Modi said this.

Doctors Are Also Advising On Covering Mouth, Nose

Corona infection spreads to the body through the eyes, nose and mouth, so doctors are advising people to cover it with any other means like mouth, nose mask or handkerchief when they leave home. Along with this, they asked to leave their homes wearing glasses.

Patient Crossed 6000 In The Country

Corona infected patients are increasing rapidly in the country. Their figure has passed in 6000. In many cases, the information on how the infection spread in patients not known, in which case, the risk of community transmission has increased. Considering the current situation, the idea is to increase the 21-day lockdown further.