President Trump Said- There Will Not Be A Lockdown Again in America

President Donlad Trump No Lockdown in America

So far, 4 lakh 51 thousand 387 people have died due to coronavirus in the world. The figure of infected has reached 83 lakh 06 thousand 083. So far, 44 lakh 15 thousand 833 people have become healthy. On the other hand, US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that there would not be a re-lockdown in the country. In many states, such as Texas, Florida, Arizona, Oklahoma, infection cases have increased again. As many as 1.19 lakh people have died in the country, while 22.34 lakh are infected.

10 Countries Where Corona Has The Highest Impact

CountryHow infectedDeathsHow well
Britain3,00,71742,153Not available
Spain2,91,76327,136Not available

Dexamethasone Corona Not Treated: WHO

WHO has stated that dexamethasone corona is not a cure or prevention. It should be used only on severe patients under the supervision of doctors. WHO official Dr Michael Ryan said on Wednesday – High-powered steroids can help increase the number of viruses in the human body rapidly. Therefore, this medicine must be given only to severe patients, who are benefiting from it. Dexamethasone is a well-known drug for inflammation.

Donald Trump Said – America Will Not Face Lockdown Again

US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that the country would not have a repeat lockdown. Cases have increased in some states. This may be due to the opening of the economy and the ongoing performance in the country. In the US, 809 people have died in 24 hours, while more than 26 thousand cases have reported. In New York, Corona’s epicentre, 17 people died on 16 June, the lowest figure so far. American Health Expert says that America is in the grip of the first wave of Corona. The second wave is yet to come here.

Britain: More Than 3 Lakh Infected

Britain has a figure of 3 lakh 717 infected. Forty-two thousand one hundred fifty-three people have died here. This is the most significant figure after the US and Brazil. Tests of more than 71 lakh people have done here so far.

France: 29,575 people died due to infection in France, 28 people killed in 24 hours. The death toll has risen to 29,575. The Health Ministry reported on Wednesday that 458 new cases of infection had reported. With this, the number of infected has reached 1.94 lakhs. Nineteen thousand one hundred eighteen patients died in hospitals in the country. The condition of 772 Corona patients in France remains critical.