Rajya Sabha Election Result 2020: BJP Got 8 Seats and Congress 4

Kamal Nath Congratulated Digvijay Singh ON Winning
There was election to three seats of Rajya Sabha in Madhya Pradesh. Digvijay Singh of Congress won one seat. Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath congratulated him.

The results of the voting held on Friday in 19 Rajya Sabha seats. BJP got eight seats, and Congress got four seats. Last time out of these 19 seats, BJP got nine, and Congress got six seats. That is, this time BJP lost one, and Congress lost two seats.

Even though the BJP lost one seat in the Rajya Sabha, the NDA led by it did not see any loss from this election. Out of these 19 seats in Rajya Sabha, NDA had won 10 seats in the last. This time also BJP got eight seats, and MDA-MNF got 1-1 seats. In this way, the NDA figure of 10 places remained intact.

On the other hand, UPA lost two seats. The last time the UPA won 7 of these 19 seats. The Congress had six seats, and the RJD had one place. This time Congress has won 4 seats and JMM has won 1 seat. In this way, UPA has got five seats this time.

Results this time on 19 seatsLast results on 19 seats
NDA 10

(BJP 8 + MDA 1 + MNF 1)

NDA 10

(BJP 9 + TDP 1)

Upa 5

(Congress 4 + JMM 1)

Upa 7

(Congress 6 + RJD 1)

Ysr 41 Independent, 1 TRS

Talking of the prominent faces won by Scindia, Digvijay, Venugopal, Jyotiraditya Scindia of BJP and Digvijay Singh of Congress won in Madhya Pradesh. Both these leaders lost the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal has gained from Rajasthan.

Counting Stopped in Gujarat

This time the screw stuck in Gujarat. Voting took place after several days of resort politics, but during the counting of votes, Congress demanded the BJP to disqualify two votes. Because of this, counting stopped for about two and a half hours. Later 3 BJP candidates and 1 Congress candidate won.

Results in 19 Rajya Sabha Seats

StateThe seatsResults this timeLast time
Gujarat4BJP 3, Congress 1BJP 3, Congress 1
Andhra4YSR Congress 4Congress 2, TDP 1, TRS 1
Madhya Pradesh3BJP 2, Congress 1BJP 2, Congress 1
Rajasthan3BJP 1, Congress 2BJP 3
Jharkhand2BJP 1, JMM 1RJD 1, Independent 1
Manipur1BJP 1BJP 1
Meghalaya1MDA 1 (with NDA)Congress 1
Mizoram1MNF 1 (with NDA)Congress 1
The total19BJP 8, Congress 4BJP 9, Congress 6



  • BJP’s Jyotiraditya Scindia and Sumer Singh won 2 out of 3 Rajya Sabha seats in Madhya Pradesh. Digvijay Singh won from Congress in 1 place.
  • In Rajasthan, KC Venugopal and Neeraj Dangi of Congress won. BJP got one seat. Rajendra Gehlot of the party won.
  • CM Jagan Mohan Reddy’s party YSR Congress won 4 seats in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Shibu Soren of JMM and Deepak Prakash of BJP won in Jharkhand.
  • In Meghalaya, Dr Kharlukhi, the leader of the National People’s Party and a joint candidate of the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance, won.
  • The BJP is in the minority in Manipur, but its candidate Leisemba Sanajaoba has won. In Manipur on Wednesday, two days before the Rajya Sabha elections, there was a political crisis when three BJP MLAs joined the Congress. After this, the government in the state has come in the minority.
  • Mizo National Front i.e. MNF candidate K.M. Vanlalveena won. MNF supports NDA at the center.
  • Elections were to held in 24 Rajya Sabha seats of states, but five positions in 2 countries elected without opposition candidates. Therefore, voting held in 19 places.

Results Pf Madhya Pradesh: BJP Wins 2, Congress Wins One Seat

CandidatepartyWin / lose
Jyotiraditya ScindiaB J PLive
Sumer Singh SolankiB J PLive
Digvijay SinghCongressLive
Phool Singh BaraiyaCongressThe losers

Kamal Nath Reached Legislative Assembly With MLAs in Buses

Fearing cross-voting, former Chief Minister and Congress leader Kamal Nath reached the Assembly with party MLAs in two buses. Earlier, a mock poll took place at Kamal Nath’s house, in which the Congress MLAs told which candidate to vote for.

Rajaya Sabha Rajasthan Election 2020 BJP and Congress
Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh (left), former Chief Minister Kamal Nath and Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot (right) cast their votes.

Rajasthan Results: Congress Wins 2, BJP Wins One Seat

CandidatepartyWin / lose
Casey VenugopalCongressLive
Neeraj DangiCongressLive
Rajendra Singh GehlotB J PLive
Omkar Singh LakhawatB J PThe losers

Two MLAs Did Not Vote in Rajasthan

In Rajasthan, 198 MLAs out of 200 voted. Other MLAs objected to the casting of votes by Congress MLA Wajib Ali. Ali reached Delhi from abroad and then came to Jaipur to cast his vote. He threw a vote wearing a PPE kit. Minister Bhanwarlal Meghwal and MLA Girdhari Lal could not vote due to poor health.

Congress MLA Wajib Ali Voting In PPE Kit
In Jaipur, Congress MLA Wajib Ali cast his vote wearing a PPE kit.

Results of Andhra Pradesh: 4 Seats Won By YSR Congress

CandidatepartyWin / lose
P. Subhash ChandraYSR CongressLive
Mopidevi Venkata RamannaYSR CongressLive
Ayodhya RamireddyYSR CongressLive
Parimal NathwaniYSR CongressLive
Varla RamaiyaTDPThe losers

Gujarat Results: BJP 3, Congress 1

In Gujarat, 170 out of 172 MLAs voted for four seats. Two MLAs of the Tribal Party of India (BTP) did not vote. BJP benefited from this, and its third candidate won. BJP’s 103, Congress 65, NCP 1 MLA and an Independent MLA cast their votes.

CandidatepartyWin / lose
Ramilaben BaraB J PLive
Narhari AminB J PLive
Abhay BhardwajB J PLive
Shakti Singh GohilCongressLive
Bharat Singh SolankiCongressThe losers

In Gujarat, The Congress Was Adamant On Disqualifying The BJP’s Two Votes

After the completion of voting in Gujarat, the Congress was adamant on disqualifying the votes of Education Minister Bhupendra Singh Chudasama and Kesari Singh Solanki. The Congress said that the High Court had disqualified Bhupendra Singh, but his case is pending in the Supreme Court because of the BJP’s appeal. However, the BJP said that the Supreme Court had stayed the decision of the Gujarat High Court. Therefore their vote is justified.

The Commission Said – Congress Had To Raise Objections At The Time Of Voting

Congress had another objection regarding Kesri Singh. He gave a certificate of being medically unfit, but the Congress says that his license is fake. However, the Election Commission turned down the objections of Congress. The Commission said – you had to raise objections during voting, not during counting.