Reliance Jio Fiber Preview Offer Stop For New Users

Jio Fiber Preview Offer

Reliance Jio, which has become the most loved company in the telecom sector, is giving a shock to its consumers one after the other. Recently, the company announced that it would soon increase the price of its plan. After this news, now another news has emerged, according to which Jio has stopped their Jio Fiber Preview Offer.

With this, the company is now shifting users with preview offers to paid plans. Let us tell you that under the preview offer, consumers used to get 1,100 GB of data per month at the speed of 1,000 Mbps. Also, users did not have to pay a fee for this service. Telecom Talk has given information about the closure of the preview plan.

It is worth noting that some time ago, 91 Mobiles gave this important information related to Jio Fiber in their report. According to the information revealed in this report, on connecting Wi-Fi to Jio Fiber, the speed was getting half that is 50 Mbps.

Jio Fiber Preview Offer

Let us know that Reliance is offering Jio HD / 4K LED TV and 4K Setup Box with the company’s Jio Fiber broadband for free. That is, by buying Jio Fiber, users will get a chance to get television and set up a box for free. Under Jio Fiber’s annual plan under the company’s scheme, users will get this free facility. The company has named its plan ‘Jio Forever Annual Plan’.

The initial price of Jio Fiber’s plan has kept by the company at Rs 700 per month. At the same time, Jio Fiber’s biggest plan is Rs 10,000 per month. If any plan of Jio Fiber is taken together for the whole year. Then the company will give free HD / 4K LED TV and 4K Setup Box from the company. Customers will not have to pay extra money for the TV and setup box.

For example, if you have taken Jio Fiber’s Rs 700 plan with Jio Forever Annual Plan. Then you have to pay a total of Rs 8,400 in the whole year. For this 8,400 rupees, you will get Jio Fiber + HD / 4K LED TV + 4K Setup Box. That is, at the cost of one service. You will be able to take advantage of two other services for free.