Why Salman Was Angry With Sushant, Know What Was The Reason?

Sushant Singh Rajput and Salman Khan News

The suicide of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput has raised many questions behind him. Many famous filmmakers and actors have accused of not giving work to Sushant. Not only this, a case has been filed against eight people including Salman, Ekta, Karan Johar in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, but the big question is that Salman’s name How about Sushant’s suicide? According to the news, Salman was very angry with Sushant, so what was the reason that Salman was upset with Sushant? It believed that Salman’s displeasure with Sushant was about Suraj Pancholi.

If people related to the film industry, Salman Khan wanted to make a film in which Salman had finalized Sushant for the lead role. The script of the film also completed. According to Salman, Sushant was the perfect choice for the film, but the film stopped before the movie started and never got made after that. It said that Salman stopped the film due to his displeasure with Sushant Singh Rajput.

Why Salman Was Angry With Sushant Singh Rajput

Now the question was that everything was going well, then why did Salman suddenly get angry with Sushant and he even stopped to film so angrily. Sooraj Pancholi became the cause of sourness between Salman and Sushant. There are reports that Suraj Pancholi and Sushant Singh Rajput had a hot summer during a party in a pub in Mumbai. The news of these two battles reached Salman.

Just then what was it, Salman immediately called Sushant and Sushant also removed Suraj’s mistake by telling the whole story. Salman was so upset that he dropped Sushant from his film. Salman considers Suraj his younger brother. The relationship between Aditya Pancholi and Salman is perfect.

That is why Salman is willing to do anything for Sooraj. Salman’s love for Sun can gauge from the fact that those who launch Sooraj in Bollywood Salman was also there. Salman launched Sooraj in the film Hero in his production. Not only this, but Salman also saw promoting the recently launched Sooraj film Satellite Shankar with his domineering team.

If reports are to believed, Jia Khan’s mother has accused Salman that she had saved him with every possible help. In such a situation, Salman was forced out of the film. And annoyed to make Sushant realize his mistake by messing with Suraj. However, a few days ago, Suraj denied any quarrel with Sushant and said that I respect him. Let me tell you that Suraj had shared his and Sushant’s photos on Instagram as well. How much truth is there in these allegations. But the anger of the fans against Salman is spreading on social media.