Salman Khan Lashes Out On Parag Tyagi For Comments On Asim

Parag Tyagi and Shefali Jariwala

In the Bigg Boss house, verbal attacks on each other always continue and sometimes this attack reaches the family members. At times, the battle reaches a scuffle, after which Salman Khan has to intervene and he holds a class of contestants. In this order, this time the number is that of Shefali Jariwala. It is believed that Salman Khan may get angry with her because of her husband’s Parag Tyagi comment.

Salman Khan Angry On Parag Tyagi

Actually, something happened that Asim had called Shefali Jariwala’s husband Parag as Nalla, after which Parag Tyagi got angry. Parag shared a video, releasing his anger against Asim, in which he is speaking against Asim. The special thing is that in this video he threatened to beat Asim and said that on the final day, he will come on the set of Big Boss and tell him.

The pollen-filled with anger made Asim fiercely and constantly threatened. He also said that if Asim had spoken this thing in front of his wife, he would have given a befitting reply to Asim. It is believed that after getting angry with this, Salman Khan can start a class of Shefali. There are reports that Salman Khan can do this before going out of Shefali’s house. Parag Tyagi

Please tell that Shefali Jariwala is out of the house, but Shefali is in the house as a connection. Now some of the contestants have also gone into the house. In which Shefali is in the house to support Paras. Similarly, Kashmiri Shah came to the house on behalf of Aarti, who had a class of contestants including Shahnaz. Parag Tyagi.

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