Salman Khan Lashes Out At Lockdown Breakers Said These To Them

Salman Khan Video

Amidst the havoc of the coronavirus, Salman Khan once again urged people to follow the rules of lockdown issued, stay safe and stay home. He has shared a video on his Instagram in which he describes how he came to the farmhouse in Panvel for only two days but is stuck here with some family members due to the lockdown, but he complies with the rules Have been.

Salman Khan Said These

In the video, Salman Khan has angered those who are violating the rules of lockdown. Salman said that the disease is spreading due to clowns. Because of these few clowns, the whole country is at home.

In this video, he also said that those who are not following the lockdown are endangering their family. He said that such people are becoming Yamraj for their family. Salman Khan also says at the beginning of the video that this is the start of Zindagi’s Bigg Boss. He noted that it previously thought that it would be over flu-like COVID-19, but the matter has become severe. He also said that if you sit at home for some time or not. You will have to sit at home for life.

Salman said that the doctors working day and night should respect him. Salman Khan told those doctors to throw stones at him that he has come to save your life. The nurse has come to save your life and you are throwing stones at them. He said that these doctors do not treat you if the police do not live on the streets. Then those people who think that we will not, they will walk with a lot of people in the country.

Salman Khan has also shared a picture earlier in which people are praying or praying while sitting in their balcony inside the house.

Salman has helped 25,000 daily wage labourers in the film industry whose lives have affected by the lockdown. He has also deposited money in the bank accounts of his upcoming film Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’s crew, though the shooting is at a standstill.