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ISRO K Sivan Green Fuel News

ISRO: All Future ISRO Missions Will Use Green Fuel: K. Sivan

ISRO Green Fuel: ISRO is trying to use green fuel gas in its first space mission, ‘Gaganyan’. Sivan clarified on Friday. He also said that green fuel would be used in all ISRO missions shortly. K. Sivan also said that ISRO was in talks with the Australian government to set up a ground station for […]
Asteroid 29 April 2020 Nasa Report

On 29 April 2020 Will An Asteroid Hit Earth? Know What is Truth

April 29 2020: Take, once again, the news of the end of the Earth has revealed. You must have read and heard such reports,...
NASA Kepler Space Telescope 17 New Exoplanets

NASA Kepler Space Telescope Finds 17 New Exoplanets

The US space agency NASA Kepler Space Telescope has discovered 17 new planets in its four-year mission. One of the earth-dwelling habitable planets 'KIC-7340288B'...
Gaganyaan Mission ISRO

Gaganyaan Mission: Indian Cuisine To Go With Astronauts

Gaganyaan Mission: Astronaut (astronaut), who joined Indian Space Research Organization ISRO's first manned space mission Gaganyaan, will get home food in space. A food...
Chandrayaan 3

India to Launch Chandrayaan 3 This Year, ISRO Chief Said- Ongoing Work

ISRO Chief K.K. Sivan described the achievements of 2019 and the target of Chandrayaan 3 in 2020. He said that a new spaceport will...
Beidou 3 Satellites

China Will Launch Beidou 3 Satellites In 2020 An Alternative To US Gps

China Is About To Launch The Last Two Satellites Of Its Beidou 3 Mapping System In 2020 As An Alternative To American GPS. Know...
Virus Vaccines

Scientists Producing Virus Vaccines Used By Nazi For Biological Weapons

Scientists In Germany Are Developing A Virus Vaccines In The Island Located In The Baltic Sea, Which Was Once Used By Nazi Biological Weapons...
NASA Mars 2020 Rover

NASA Mars 2020 Rover To Discover Ancient Life On Red Planet Surface

NASA Missions For Red Planet Will Send Their Rover (NASA Mars 2020 Rover) To NASA Scientific Planet Next Year To Find Evidence Of Ancient...
Chandrayaan 2 Success

Chandrayaan 2 Mission Has Achieved 98% Target: ISRO Chief

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) President K.K. Sivan said that the Chandrayaan 2 mission has achieved 98 percent of its target. While the scientific...
Cancer Genes

Scientists Discovered Cancer Genes, Now Easier To Treat Disease

Scientists In Britain and The United States Have Done Genetic Mapping Of 25 Types Of Cancer For The First Time. And Founded The Cancer-Causing...