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3,000 Year Old Shoe Found In Norway, Exposed By Melting Snow


The world’s oldest shoe, found in Norway, is about 3000 years old. It is being told of the Bronze Age. According to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) report, this shoe is one of the thousands of ancient artefacts found in the last two decades when the snow on the hills melted here.

This old shoe was discovered in 2007 in the mountainous area of ​​Jotunheimen in southern Norway. This small leather shoe can be of a woman or a youth. Several arrows and a wooden spade were also found with this shoe, which shows that this area used to be an essential hunting ground. According to the researchers who discovered this shoe, this shoe dates back to around 1100 BC, which may be the oldest shoe in Norway.

Scientists expressed concern

In contrast to those buried in acidic soil or under giant glaciers, the condition of objects found in patches of ice on the hills of Norway is even better after thousands of years. Here the remains of weapons, clothing, plants and animals have all come out of the ice, which has revealed thousands of years of history of Norway. But this new report says that now climate change can end all this.

Weapons Found In The Snow Of Norway
Many Weapons Have Also Been Found In The Snow Of Norway’s Mountains.

Large parts of Norway’s ice have begun to melt within a few decades. Birgitte Skar, an archaeologist and associate professor at NTNU University Museum, says that a survey was conducted based on satellite images taken in 2020, which shows that in 10 selected ice patches, More than 40 per cent of them have melted.

Old things may be ruined by climate change.

Ice patches are formed at the height of mountains; in summer, this snow does not melt completely, whereas, unlike glaciers, these patches of ice do not move, so things buried in ice patches stay true for thousands of years. When the ice starts to melt, those things are visible. Even after so many years, they are preserved as before. However, now scientists say that if these things are not recovered soon after the ice melts, then there is a risk of losing these artefacts.

The report’s authors worry that climate change could cause countless cultural artefacts to disappear before being recovered. A 2022 report by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate estimates that the 364 square kilometre ice patch has melted since 2006. This part is about half the size of New York City. Artefacts from these patches are at risk of damage or ruin once released if they are not removed quickly.

Ashish Kumar Mishra
Ashish Kumar Mishra
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