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Agni 5 Missile Successful Launch With A Range of 5000 KM


Agni 5 Missile: The strength of the Indian Army has increased even more. The surface-to-surface ballistic missile Agni-5 was successfully test-fired on Wednesday. This missile was launched from APJ Abdul Kalam Island. The range of this missile is being told 5000 km.

It has been informed that this missile was launched at 7.50 pm this evening. The government has clarified that their policy will remain the same that no weapon will be used first. In such a situation, India will give the whole emphasis only on increasing its strength. It is being said that with the entry of Agni 5, India’s military strength has improved a lot. From China to Pakistan, everyone is restless. There is also a debate in both countries about the actual range of this missile.

Agni 5 Missile With A Range of 5000 KM

By the way, it has been told about Agni 5 that its firepower will be 5000 km. At the same time, the power of this missile is also being considered more because a lot of work has been done on its engine. It has been said that the machine of Agni V has been made from three-stage solid fuel. In such a situation, its capability and accuracy are going to be more than other missiles.


Information has also been received that the Agni-5 Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (Agni-V ICBM) weighs 50 thousand kg. It is 17.5 meters long. Its diameter is 2 meters, i.e. 6.7 feet. On top of this, a nuclear weapon weighing 1500 kg can be installed. The missile has a three-stage rocket booster that flies on solid fuel. Its speed is 24 times greater than the speed of sound. That is, it covers a distance of 8.16 kilometres in one second.

Can destroy many targets

Apart from all this, the MIRV technology of Agni V is also exceptional, due to which many weapons can be installed on its warhead instead of one. In such a situation, the missile can destroy many targets at a time. It is claimed that through this missile, Asia, Europe, parts of Africa can be attacked.

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