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On 29 April 2020 Will An Asteroid Hit Earth? Know What is Truth

April 29 2020: Take, once again, the news of the end of the Earth has revealed. You must have read and heard such reports, claims hundreds of times. Something similar has come up this time too. If the claims on social media are going on, then on April 29, a giant small planet Asteroid may hit the Earth. If this happens, it will surely be synonymous with Mahavinash. Let us know how much truth is in this claim of social media and what scientists and NASA have to say on this.

This New Trouble Amidst The Danger Of Corona

These days the whole world is struggling with the deadly infection of the coronavirus. In such a situation, this type of news claiming the end of the Earth on social media increases the mental tension. The danger of a giant miniature planet hitting the Earth is now troubling people. It is approaching our Earth on April 29.

Asteroid: Plenty Of Videos On Youtube

Many such videos are playing on YouTube these days. It claimed that on April 29, that is, about a month from now, a small or Asteroid will hit the Asteroid Earth, and with it, there may be a great catastrophe. In these viral videos, it claimed that this Asteroid is equivalent to Everest mountain in shape. It is moving every minute towards the Earth at a breakneck speed.

How True Is The Date Of April 29 2020

Now let’s reach the truth of this whole matter. As far as April 29, 2020, is concerned, it is true that on this day an Asteroid will pass through our solar system. Its official information can see on Asteroid Watch ‘s Twitter Handle. It will move very close to the Earth but will not collide. In the language of space, too close means too far. Scientists say that when it passes near the Earth, then its distance from here will be about 4 million km, i.e. 4 million km. The speed of this Asteroid will be 20 thousand miles per hour while passing through the Earth.

Asteroid: NASA Only Found Out In 1998

The NASA Space Research Agency NASA came to know about this Asteroid in the year 1998 itself. Scientists have named it 52768 and 1998 OR-2. Its class is flat. It discovered in 1998, and since then scientists are always studying it.

Asteroid: The Sun Revolves In 1344 Days

This miniature eclipse completes the orbit of the Sun once in 1344 days. Although it is indeed hazardous. If it hits the Earth, it can bring great destruction. Thankfully, nothing like this is going to happen.

The Miniatures Pass-Through The Earth

Under the pretext of this miniature, you should know that in our solar system, such miniatures keep passing. Senior Scientist Prof. Indian Institute of Tara Physics, Bangalore. RC Kapoor PR. RC Kapoor says that on April 29, a miniature eclipse near Earth is not likely to collide. Asteroid.

Scientists Denied Claims

Scientists have denied the claims of this planet colliding with the Earth and causing destruction. They say that the miniature will pass far away from the Earth.

In 2079, This Planet Will Return Near The Earth

There is no need to worry about this planet right now, but after 59 years from today, in the year 2079, this small planet is expected to come closer to the Earth. Scientists have calculated this. Accordingly, on April 16 2079, it will pass through our Earth. Then it will give only 18 km from the Earth. Since this distance is very short, the scope of its hitting the Earth is equal. Overall, all the news going on in this regard on social media is just a rumour.

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