Chandrayaan 2 Mission Has Achieved 98% Target: ISRO Chief

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) President K.K. Sivan said that the Chandrayaan 2 mission has achieved 98 percent of its target. While the scientific lander is working hard to establish contact with ‘Vikram’.

Sivan said that the Orbiter of Chandrayaan 2 is working properly and the fixed scientific experiment is being done properly. He told reporters at the airport, ‘We are saying that Chandrayaan has achieved 98 percent target. There are two reasons – first science and second technology proof. Almost complete success has achieved on the technology front.

Chandrayaan 2

Sivan said that ISRO is focusing on another moon mission by 2020. He said, ‘Discussions on the future plan are going on … Nothing was finalized. Our priority is the unmanned mission until next year. First, we have to understand what happened to the lander.

He said that a national-level committee analyzes to communicate with ‘Vikram’, which includes academics and ISRO experts. Chandrayaan 2

“We have not yet been able to establish contact with the lander”. Sivan said, “as soon as we get any data, necessary steps will be taken”. The Chandrayaan 2 Mission.

ISRO chief said that a year was initially plan for the orbiter. He said that it is likely that it will last for seven and a half years. He said, ‘The orbiter is doing the prescribed science experiment with complete satisfaction. There are eight instruments in the orbiter and all the eight instruments are doing their job properly.

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