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China Yutu 2 Rover Sees A Mysterious Aliens House On The Moon?


China Yutu 2 Rover: A rover has seen a mysterious object on the far side of the Moon. The Yutu 2 rover is working in the Von Kármán crater and has spotted this mysterious object 80 meters away from its current location. Chinese scientists have named this cube-shaped object ‘Mystery hut’. The report of says that this discovery was made in November. China had landed the Yutu 2 rover on the lunar surface two years ago.

The website cited information from the rover, which is regularly published by the Chinese-language outreach channel ‘Our Space’, saying, ‘Suddenly, a cube appeared on the northern horizon of the Moon, which caught everyone’s attention. This object appeared on the horizon, and it looked like a mysterious hut.

There is also a giant crater near it. Was this the house built by aliens after the crash landing? Or is it the spacecraft of earlier missions to explore the Moon?’ ‘Our Space’ is associated with China’s National Space Administration (CNSA). It has also shared the picture of this mysterious object.


What are the features of the China Yutu 2 Rover?

The Yutu 2 rover was taken to the far side of the Moon via China’s Chang’e-4 probe. It was launched on December 8, 2018, and made the first soft landing on January 3, 2019, at the Von Karman Crater in the South Pole-Aitken Basin on the far side of the Moon.

The rover Yutu-2 has passed its design life of three months. This way, this rover has become the longest working rover on the Moon. The Yutu 2 rover is fitted with six pretty powerful wheels.

This is why the rover can continue working even if one wheel fails. It can climb hills of 20 degrees and overcome obstacles up to 8 inches. The maximum speed of the rover is 200 meters per hour.


In Chinese folklore, Yutu is the white pet rabbit of Chang’e, the goddess of the Moon. Because of this, the name of this mission was given. It is said in the proverbs that Chang’i ate a magic bullet. After this, she went to the Moon with her pet. She became a goddess and lived with her white rabbit on reaching here.

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