Gaganyaan Mission: Indian Cuisine To Go With Astronauts

Gaganyaan Mission ISRO

Gaganyaan Mission: Astronaut (astronaut), who joined Indian Space Research Organization ISRO’s first manned space mission Gaganyaan, will get home food in space. A food menu has been prepared for the Indian astronaut. This menu includes idli, moong dal pudding, egg rolls, and veg casserole. This food has been prepared in Defense Food Research Laboratory, Mysore.

Gaganyaan Mission

Not only this, but food heaters will also be provided to astronauts to heat food. Also, the passengers will be given water and juice to drink. There is no gravity in space, so a special container for the Gaganyaan mission has been made in which they can easily carry it. For information, let us know that this food given to astronauts is healthy and can also last for a year. But, once the packet is opened, that food has to be finished within 24 hours. They cannot store it after half a meal. Gaganyaan Mission.

The Menu Will Be Tested

The menu will be tested on four IAF trained astronauts. According to the feedback, there may be some changes in the food. Giving information about this, Director of DFRL, Dr. Anil Dutt Semwal said, “All these food items are eaten by astronauts because their choice depends on how well they like them.” Also, a team of ISRO will investigate them. Gaganyaan Mission.

He also said that this food can eat by heating. We Indians like to eat hot. Food can heat by about 92 watts of electricity through food heaters. He can also eat snacks in space. For this, we have also given snacks like pineapple and jackfruit. Actually, this is the healthiest option as a snack.