India to Launch Chandrayaan 3 This Year, ISRO Chief Said- Ongoing Work

Chandrayaan 3

ISRO Chief K.K. Sivan described the achievements of 2019 and the target of Chandrayaan 3 in 2020. He said that a new spaceport will builts at Thoothukudi in Tamil Nadu. Chandrayaan-2 Orbiter is doing very well. It will continue to work for seven years. 3-GPPP, the organization that recognizes GPS systems in the world, has recognized our navigational positioning system. Therefore, soon all the mobiles in the country will have its own positioning system.

Chandrayaan 3

ISRO Chief K.K. Sivan said that Chandrayaan 3 has got government permission. Chandrayaan 3 will be exactly like Chandrayaan 2. But this time there will be only lander-rover and propulsion models. The orbiter will not send in it, because Chandrayaan 2 orbiter will be helped in this. A lot of work done on the Gaganyaan project in 2019. The whole of 2020 will go to the training of four astronauts selected for Gaganyaan. Astronauts will train in Russia. Chandrayaan 3.

ISRO Chief K.K. Sivan said that the lander of Chandrayaan 2 was not able to navigate right (direction and path) due to the high speed and hard landing that occurred. It being wrongly alleged that the launch of other satellites has been delayed due to the failure of Chandrayaan 2. It’s not like this. Rockets have to made to launch satellites. As soon as we have a rocket, we launch it. But, by March, we will launch all the satellites that were fixed by the end of 2019. Chandrayaan 3.

As part of the initial phase of the Gaganyaan project, the unmanned (unmanned) mission plans to be done this year. If the work is done then they will complete it, otherwise, they will do next year These missions are not so easy to be done suddenly. A lot of preparation has to be done for them. Even a slight omission can do big damage. Therefore, the Gaganyaan project work on cautiously.