ISRO Created History Again, Launched RISAT-2BR1 Satellite


The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has created another new history on 11 December 2019. ISRO successfully launched the RISAT-2BR1 (RISAT-2BR1) satellite on 11 December. This satellite is very important for the security of Indian borders. For this reason, it is also being called India’s intelligence satellite.

The strength of India’s surveillance will increase more than ever in space. ISRO said that the life of the RISAT-2 BR1 mission is five years. ISRO has simultaneously sent ten satellites to the sky through PSLV. These will include one each from Israel, Italy and Japan and six satellites from the US.

Reset -2 BR L ( RISAT- 2 BR L ) Features Satellite

  1. RISAT-2 BR1 is a radar imaging surveillance satellite. The weight of this satellite is 628 kg.
  2. This satellite will work even in the dark night and bad weather.
  3. With the help of this radar, the country’s borders will be monitored. It can keep an eye on the movements of enemies in every season.
  4. According to ISRO, this satellite will be placed in an orbit. With a height of 576 km in space at 37 degrees inclination.
  5. In addition to the armies of this satellite country, it will also assist agriculture, forest and disaster management departments.
  6. India’s radar imaging power will increase manifold after the RISAT-2 BR1 satellite is placed in Earth orbit.
  7. This satellite will start working as soon as its places in its orbit. And after some time it will start getting pictures.
  8. This satellite will send pictures of a radius of about 100 kilometers. It has a special design to prevent infiltration from across the border.4

Another Record For ISRO

With this launching, ISRO’s name has become another record. These records are to leave 319 satellites in 33 countries in 20 years. Since 1999, ISRO has installed a total of 310 foreign satellites in space. If today’s nine satellites merge, then this number increases to 319.