ISRO: All Future ISRO Missions Will Use Green Fuel: K. Sivan

ISRO K Sivan Green Fuel News

ISRO Green Fuel: ISRO is trying to use green fuel gas in its first space mission, ‘Gaganyan’. Sivan clarified on Friday. He also said that green fuel would be used in all ISRO missions shortly.

K. Sivan also said that ISRO was in talks with the Australian government to set up a ground station for the Gaganyan mission on Coco Island. He also clarified that ISRO wants to set up a NAVIC ground station in Australia. K. Sivan was speaking at the India Economic Conclave on Friday. He also said that ISRO has no ambition to lead the world. Sivan said.

ISRO to Use Now Green Fuel

K, Sivan said, “ISRO main goal is to develop India’s space infrastructure and meet other needs. Our focus is on how ISRO missions will benefit science and technology in the country as well as all other sectors.”

While answering a question regarding green fuel, K. Sivan said, “It will be imperative to use green power shortly. We will use green energy in the Gaganyan mission. ISRO has already planned and is fully prepared. Green power will be used in all ISRO missions shortly. So it will be possible to eliminate most of the toxic and dangerous elements. ”

We intend to use green fuels as an alternative to conventional fuels in rocket launch vehicles as soon as possible. Sivan said.

ISRO Gaganyan mission appears to have been hit by a corona. ISRO goal was to send three Indians into space by 2022 through this mission.