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Japan’s bullet train will go to the moon, this technology will be used


Japan is going to work on an extended plan. He will run a bullet train from the Earth, taking people to the Moon. This train will go to the Moon first. After achieving success in this, it will be driven to Mars. Apart from this, there is also a plan to make Glass Habitat on Mars. Humans will live in an artificial space habitat whose atmosphere will be made like Earth.

In Artificial Space Habitat, care will be taken that there should be such gravity and such an atmosphere so that the muscles and bones of the person are not weakened. Whereas the muscles and bones usually become weak in places with less gravity. The point to be seen is where America is going to the Moon again on one side. China is searching for Mars. Russia and China are jointly planning a joint mission to the Moon. At the same time, Japan made plans for the bullet train and artificial space habitat. In such a situation, it will be easy for humans to live on another planet soon.

Humans will start living on Moon and Mars by the end of this century.

The glass will be such a large colony in which humans will live. This colony will be built on the Moon and Mars. You have to wear a spacesuit to go out of it. But it might not have had to be done to stay inside. But when living here, the muscles and bones will not be as weak as they would have been if they were in the open. It is impossible to tell how difficult it will be to have children here because, till now, this work has not been done in space. Scientists hope that in the second half of the 21st century, humans will start living on the Moon and Mars.

Glass Habitat On The Moon And Mars
This Is The Glass Habitat, In Which Humans Will Live On The Moon And Mars. Hexacapsules For Other Planets Will Come Out From Inside It.

Kyoto University and Kajima Construction have planned.

It is planned jointly by Kyoto University and Kajima Construction. Glass will be a living place like a cone. In which there will be artificial gravity. Public transport will be arranged. There will be green areas. There will be water sources. Rivers, parks, water, etc., will have everything a human being needs. This building will be about 1300 feet long. Its prototype will be ready by 2050. It may take almost a century for the final version to be made.

Colony name – Lunaglass and Marsglass; the train will run on Hexatrack

The Glass colony on the Moon will be named Lunaglass, and the colony on Mars will be named Marsglass. Apart from this, Kyoto University and Kajima Construction will make a bullet train named Space Express together. Which will leave from Earth to Moon and Mars. It will be an Interplanetary Transportation System. Which is named Hexatrack.

Hexacapsules will be run in space on the technology of the Maglev train.

Hexatrack will maintain the gravity of 1G even in long-distance space travel so that the passengers do not have to bear the loss of zero gravity for a long time. Hexacapsules will run on Hexatrack, which will be hexagonal. These will be 15 meters long mini capsules. Apart from these, there will also be 30-meter-long large capsules travelling to the Moon and Mars. They will go from Earth to Mars via Moon. The Maglev train runs in Germany and China, so that the capsules will run on electromagnetic technology.


Terra Station will be built on Earth, and Space Express will launch from it.

Each capsule will move on a radial central axis. That is, the gravity of 1G will be maintained to go from the Moon to Mars. The track station to be built on Earth will be Terra Station. It will run on a standard gauge track. In which there will be six coaches. Which has been named Space Express. Rocket boosters will be installed in the first and last coach. Which will help move them forward and backwards. So that the speed in space can be increased or decreased, at the same time, they can work according to the gravitational force of the Earth and the Moon.

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Ashish Kumar Mishra
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