Unique Science Exhibition in Meerut, Now Robot Will Protect Borders

The robot will become the guard of the border, Terrorism will be eliminated. A unique science exhibition has been organized in Meerut today. Students from far and wide have come to this state-level exhibition. These students have put their own models in this exhibition. Somebody has put his model on waste disposal, someone has prepared a model to deploy the robot on the border, and someone is presenting his model on pollution. In this science exhibition, a student has claimed that his robot can prove to be a milestone for the army. This student claims that if his robot is deployed on the border, it will liberate the enemies’ sixes. Special report of Spot News 18 from Meerut on this unique science exhibition.

Unique Science Exhibition

Yes, now the robots will protect the country on the border and will eliminate terrorism. This robot is designed by a student studying in XI. This student claims that if his robot model is deployed on the border then it will prove to be a milestone. These robots remain the subject of discussion at the state level science exhibition held in Meerut. Student Chetan says that after eight months of hard work, he has prepared this robot.

Child scientist Chetan says that this robot (Robot) to destroy the bomb. It can also help in fire extinguisher and rescue and relief work during a flood. Chetan, a student who builds robots, says that this robot can work quietly on the border and is also able to provide necessary help to the army personnel.

Science Exhibition

Not only this, in this science exhibition, someone has made a model for purifying the environment, while someone has prepared piezo plastic tiles from waste plastic. Light burns as soon as you set foot on it. There is no place for the happiness of students by coming to the exhibition. From the Chandrayaan to the solar system, a glimpse of the solar system was also seen in the science exhibition.

Child scientists made a model of Chandrayaan and showed it and explained the whole process. A glimpse of the solar system was also shown. From science smart helmets to agricultural drones were also seen in the science exhibition. Whoever saw the talent of students coming from different groups of the state, said ‘wow’. The people who came to the exhibition said that these students will surely light up the name of the country.

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