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23,000 Years Old Human Footprints Discovered in New Mexico


Oldest Human Footprints: A 23,000-year-old human footprint has been found in White Sand National Park in New Mexico, USA. This will further help in the study of human development. According to a report published in the US’s Science magazine, these footprints have been found in the soil on the banks of a lake that had dried up long ago.

There are more signs of children and adolescents among them. These suggest that there was a human civilization in North America before the end of the Ice Age. Researchers have also found footprints of mammoths, wolves and giant sloths from around the lake.

Oldest Human Footprints Discovered in New Mexico

It also came to the fore: Archaeologists say that the footprints also show human life in the Upper Paleolithic period, which started 40 thousand years ago. At the same time, many experts believe that people from Asia went to America. They reached there by land via the Bering Strait.


This strait is now underwater and forms the Bering Sea between Alaska and Russia. However, before this, this path was closed by glaciers in the Ice Age, which started about 33 thousand years ago and lasted till 16 thousand years ago.

This type of discovery: Archaeologists from Britain and America have made this discovery based on human footprints in a dry lake named Alkali Flat. These marks were found in the soil in White Sand National Park. Experts from the US Geological Survey studied the top and bottom layers of the track with the help of radiocarbon dating and found that the footprints were formed over about two thousand years.

The oldest traces date back to 23 thousand years ago. During this time, much of North America was covered with ice, and the sea level was 400 feet lower than today. This is being seen as an outstanding achievement.

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