Scientists Discovered Cancer Genes, Now Easier To Treat Disease

Cancer Genes

Scientists In Britain and The United States Have Done Genetic Mapping Of 25 Types Of Cancer For The First Time. And Founded The Cancer-Causing Genes.

Scientists have gone a step further to tackle cancer. Scientists in Britain and the United States have done the genetic mapping of 25 types of cancer for the first time. It is specially rated. Know More About Cancer Genes.

Cancer Genes

With the help of gene-editing technique, scientists have detected the Cancer Genes present in the body to survive cancer cells. In this way, it is now being hoped that in the coming time, modern medicine for cancer will be ready. This will eliminate those genes. Due to which the cancer cells spread.

The drug can target and eliminate genes in dozens of types of cancer. In the research, 725 cancer cell lines prepare from 25 patients suffering from different types of cancer. Subsequently, research institutes studied it. The results matched if both were identical.

It Will Be Easy To Make Medicine

According to MIT’s Broad Institute, this is the first such research. Important for those researching cancer. We have found this in two separate studies and there is no difference of opinion. In the future, medicine will prepare to eliminate Cancer Genes from its roots.

Cancer Is The Major Cause Of Death

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in India after heart disease. According to the Cancer India report, 9.81 percent of men and 9.42 percent of women before the age of 75 have seen a risk of getting cancer. Before the age of 75, 7.34 percent of men and 6.82 percent of women are more likely to die of diseases like cancer.

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