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US Navy Spotted Spherical UFO Over Sea, Then Disappeared


Spherical UFO: UFOs have always been debated whether they happen or not. Recently, during a hearing in the US Parliament, it was told that the military has more than 400 reports of alleged UFO sightings so far. 11 times, the military personnel had a very close face-to-face with him. Today we are telling about one such video taken by the US Army, in which a circular UFO was seen.

US Navy Spotted Spherical UFO

In 2019, the US Navy captured a video where a UFO could be seen. This UFO was visible on the camera screen for a long time before disappearing into the sea. Not much is known about this UFO, but the Pentagon has confirmed that this footage is authentic, absolutely true. Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, who documented the UFO, has made this video available online for the time being.

Jeremy says that the US Navy has captured images of spherical UFOs and Advanced Transmedium vehicles. Some of that footage is here. Jeremy Corbell has shared this clip and details about the UFO on his website.


According to Jeremy Corbell, the video was captured in 2019 but was later made available to the public. It is believed to have been taken from the USS Omaha’s Combat Information Center while sailing off the coast of San Diego.

Although the video is short, the object appears to be capable of travelling in both air and water medium. It seemed to be a highly advanced vehicle that could travel much better than any other vehicle or a military vehicle. This object is relatively tiny; radar imaging shows that the diameter of this ball-shaped object is 2 meters. It runs very fast; its speed was estimated at 254 kmph.

It was discovered from the submarine soon after this object appeared, but that object had gone too far by then. At present, there is no such vehicle that can fly for a long time in the air and then continue the journey in the water.

Akash Kumar Mishra
Akash Kumar Mishra
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