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China’s Rocket Again Uncontrolled; Can Fall Anywhere This Week


NASA astronaut Jonathan McDowell has calculated that a Chinese rocket will come from space to Earth this week. Where and when he will fall is not known at the moment. On July 24 2022, China launched a Long March rocket (Long March 5 B Rocket) into space, which carried part of China’s space station to space. But like the events of the last time, this time also, China has lost control of its rocket. It can fall anytime and anywhere this week.

This is happening for the third time in three years when a Chinese rocket goes into space in a controlled manner but returns out of control. China says it is trying to control it and throw it into the water but raises its hand at the last moment. Earlier in May last year, a rocket of the March series, launched in May, fell on the Earth. Just a year before that, in 2020, a Chinese rocket landed in West Africa and the Atlantic Ocean.

Chinese Rocket Falling To Earth
Chinese Rockets Have Been Falling On The Earth Uncontrollably Every Year Since The Year 2020.

Surprisingly, companies like SpaceX are using reusable rockets. But a powerful country like China threatens other countries yearly with its missiles. The Long March Rocket is the main rocket of China. Like we have PSLV rocket of ISRO here. But there has never been a mention of such an incident with Indian rockets. China has been scaring the whole world for the last three years. Is hurting.


In May last year, China’s Long March 5 B Y2 rocket made an uncontrolled entry into the Earth. Then it revolves around the Earth in a low-Earth orbit. That is, it is between the height of 170 km to 372 km above the Earth. Its speed is 25,490 kilometres per hour, i.e. 7.20 kilometres per second. It is feared that the rocket being talked about at this time may also enter the Earth at the same speed.

China Continuously Launching For Space Station
China Is Continuously Launching Its Space Station, And Spy And Communication Satellites.

China is building its space station. For the last few years, he has been sending space station parts to space through rockets. After delivering the parts to space, the rocket must return to Earth in a controlled manner. But China loses control of its returning rockets every time. Due to this, the general public is put at risk. This action of China has been opposed many times at the international level, but China cannot control the returning rocket even after millions of efforts.

After Jonathan McDowell’s apprehension, radars worldwide keep an eye on this rocket. So that if it comes to any country, then its information should be given to the people in advance. Due to its speed and constantly changing altitude, it is becoming difficult to know when on which day and where it will fall on the Earth. By the way, as soon as it enters the Earth’s atmosphere, most of its parts will be burnt to ashes. But if even a tiny part falls in the populated area, it will create havoc.


The core of the Long March 5 B rocket weighs about 19.6 tonnes or 17,800 kg. Earlier in 1991, the 43-ton Soviet Space Station’s Salyut-7 (Salyut-7) fell on the Earth in an uncontrolled manner. It caused havoc in Argentina. The core of the Long March 5 B Y2 Rocket is larger than the second stage of America’s giant rocket, Falcon-9. If the Long March 5 B Rocket falls on the Earth at night, fireworks can be seen in the sky.

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