Scientists Producing Virus Vaccines Used By Nazi For Biological Weapons

Scientists In Germany Are Developing A Virus Vaccines In The Island Located In The Baltic Sea, Which Was Once Used By Nazi Biological Weapons For Research.

German scientists have been developing virus vaccines on the island in the Baltic Sea. Which was once use by Nazi biological weapons for research, which will save lives? Reaching the island of Rheims is completely prohibited. Scientists working on the island have to go through a barrage of disinfectants at the time of entry and exit and wear a large suit.

Virus Vaccines

Dozens of animals, including sheep and cows. Are intentionally infected with the virus in order to research the effects of the disease. Franz Conraths, deputy head of the island’s Friedrich Loeffler Institute, said, ‘We are really the Alcatraz of the virus. Like a prison of viruses. ‘ Rheims rabies, situated to the south of the island of Ruegen, full of natural beauty. Has become a global center for the study of microbes such as African swine flu fever and Ebola.

More recently, researchers at Penn State University have designed a device that is able to rapidly detect the development of various strains of the Virus Vaccines. It is so light that it can bring and carry anywhere with hands. Researchers believe that it can help prevent the spread of virus infection.

Researcher Mauricio Teronas stated that the device can identify the virus based on its size. It used nanotubes, which resembled a wide range of viruses in size. We have also used Raman spectroscopy to identify viruses.

This device named ‘Virrione’. With the help of this, the Virus Vaccines spread in the field can also detect. Apart from this, the animals can also protect from getting caught by the large herds of the virus. With the help of this, the virus can treat by detecting the virus within minutes.

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